Engage Prague 2015: The World’s Largest Social Media Educational Summit

We’re proud to announce this year’s Socialbakers Engage event will be held in our home town of Prague, and, for the first time, will span three days with a special focus on educational training sessions.

Engage Prague 2015: The World’s Largest Social Media Educational Summit

We’ve been putting on Engage events for years, but never one like this. From May 20 – 22, 2015 we will hold our sixth Engage, but this time it is three days of social media insights and training in our home town, Europe’s golden city of Prague, Czech Republic.

Engage has always been about creating a platform for our partners, thought leaders, and Socialbakers experts to discuss innovative ideas about social media marketing. This year we are taking this concept to the next level: the event will span three days and be chock-full of workshops and insights that will inspire you to create successful, lasting social media campaigns.

For a while we’ve been seeing how brands fly blind on social: not monitoring the right KPIs, not connecting their social media insights to their marketing goals, and ignoring data when creating strategy. At Engage Prague, we’ll show you what to measure, how to measure it, and give you a glimpse at where social is going. We want you to come away having learned something, and, with our roster of top-notch speakers, we think you will.

So we’re upping the ante on Socialbakers Engage: this year, speakers and workshop leaders will educate you on their own techniques and strategy execution. Engage Prague will be an educational summit where you can ask questions, discuss your own advances and problems with social, and get valuable advice and insights from experts.

Secure a place by registering early! It’s time to stop flying blind on social.

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