Fans Increasingly Expect Customer Care on Facebook

On social, brands’ customer care performance declined for the first time all year.

Fans Increasingly Expect Customer Care on Facebook

In our examination of social customer care across both Twitter and Facebook in Q4 2014, we talked about how demand across all industries rose 9%, and the industries that had the biggest jumps in demand also saw across-the-board declines in their Question Response Rates (QRR).

But increased demand doesn’t have to be a crutch to explain declining QRR.

Telecom not only received 5.6× more customer care demand than the benchmark for all brands, but had a QRR 15% higher than the average.

Telecom’s outstanding performance is due in most part to early adoption of social customer care by both brands and customers. Social represents the natural avenue for Telecom service questions. But Fans are beginning to demand the same kind of attention to their questions and needs of all industries – that explains why demand rose this quarter in more than 75% of the industries we monitor.

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But while demand may be rising, social care adoption by brands is not necessarily matching up. 50% of all industries had fewer Socially Devoted brands this quarter than in Q3. Overall, there was a 1.6% decline in Socially Devoted brands in Q4.

It’s not like the benefits of providing great customer care on social are any different than ever – Socially Devoted brands earned more than 3× the Interactions that non-Socially Devoted brands did. That means more opportunities for site conversions.

Closed Timelines

Something we noticed in particular this quarter were many brands that had great QRR, but made their customers endure endless waits before answering their questions. This happened particularly over non-working hours, namely nights and weekends. Even top brands from top industries seem to be closing their Timelines during non-working hours, which means they’re missing the point – customer service is a 24-hour affair.

These 5 Industries close their Timelines more than any other. 18.36% of brands in all industries close theirs, and Household Goods, Alcohol, Beverages, FMCG Food, and Travel brands have the fewest Timelines closed.

Whether brands close their Timelines for 8 hours or for 24, the effect is damaging. Customers ask questions at all hours of the day, meaning someone has to be on hand to give a real answer (not just a robotic reply that doesn’t help them).

If brands want to really get the most out of their social marketing, they need to take customer service seriously – and be ready to make their Fans happy, whenever that is.

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