Jan Rezab in re/code: Hope for Virality, Focus on Shareability

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, marketers are spending millions of dollars looking for the next viral hit. Unfortunately for them, they may be focusing on the wrong goals.

Jan Rezab in re/code: Hope for Virality, Focus on Shareability

Lately, we’ve been crazy about social media videos. We’ve followed Facebook’s progress as it becomes the site for video, and in our latest report on Facebook ads, we unpack the facts behind the sharp rise in spending for video ads. But not all videos are equal.

In re/code, Jan talks about the big, unknown problem for many marketers – that having a video go viral on YouTube doesn’t actually extend brand awareness in the long term. After 15 days, daily video views returns to pre-viral levels. It’s a problem in perspective that too many eager marketers seem to be forgetting.

From the piece:

On the whole, the benefits of having a video go viral are temporary. Our data does not support that virality has a long-term value in brand awareness for content creators. Unfortunately, many brands specifically focus on creating campaigns and videos that will go viral. Given that the value of viral is fleeting and temporary, this type of planning could be better placed. Instead, I propose that content creators focus on shareability. A good video is one that resonates with the consumer and gets strong reach as a result of being something people are apt to share. This means optimizing things like content, length and format effectively.

To read the entire article, check out re/code.

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