Red Bull & Nike: Building Solid Video Strategies

A truly successful YouTube video is part of a broader plan that builds consistent views for a YouTube channel. Viral videos are for kids coming back from the dentist - your YouTube channel needs a video marketing plan that lasts.

Red Bull & Nike: Building Solid Video Strategies

How your YouTube channel will succeed comes down to a few factors:

● How you curate your video content

● What style you use to present your content

● How frequently you post

Those three basics will form how you present your channel on YouTube, and will be a big part of how successful you are. There are, of course, a number of other factors when you put these ideas in motion. To sort through them, I have chosen two successful YouTube marketing channels that use varying techniques to reach their viewers:

  1. Red Bull
  2. Nike Football

Heard of them? Of course you have! While they are two of the most well-known brands in the world, their particular YouTube channel strategies have helped them connect even better with their target audiences. Here are the numbers.

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Red Bull: Meeting the Extreme Needs of Their YouTube Fans

Red Bull focuses on content that highlights the best of action sports. A lot of their content could almost be considered user-generated, as they’re filming events that are already taking place. This approach keeps their channel pumping with exciting video.

Here’s an example of one of their “user-generated” style videos that has a touch of editing magic:

This is exactly the type of content that appeals to their target audience. Best of all, it only costs the film crew’s salary, as the athletes are already competing. No script writers, no endless editing of the events, no hiring actors – just film what happens!

This plays into their overall YouTube video strategy by allowing them to upload many videos per day at a really low cost. They upload about one video per day, sometimes as many as five.

Looking at their most basic statistic – video views – a trend emerges right away. Each video receives somewhere between 40 and 90,000 views.

Looking back through the months, it’s clear that this is consistenly the case, with some of the dirt bike videos reaching 150,000 – 300,000 views. It paints a picture of viewers who come back regularly, like loyal viewers of a TV show, watch what’s new, and wait for the next set of videos. They have incredible consistency.

Their subscriber rates are similar. The graph below shows their subscriber rates climbing consistently as their frequent posting schedule keeps people coming back frequently.

Looking closer at the week-to-week subscribers you can see a couple big jumps:

On June 18, 2014, they saw a huge spike in their new subscribers for the week. What happened? I have a feeling that this video, with over 2,000,000 views, may have had something to do with that:

Red Bull are an excellent example of a YouTube marketing channel that:

  1. Capitalizes on the power of user-generated content, rather than big production values.
  2. Posts frequently to establish a loyal following that keeps their views and brand message consistent.
  3. Still hits it big when a video strikes a chord with their audience.

This type of strategy is an absolute must for anyone looking to appeal exclusively to an active, younger market. If you want their attention, and you want to keep it, you’ll need lots of content – good, shareable content. Going the user-generated route, with some editing help, as Red Bull has, could be the ticket for your brand.

How Nike Football Appeals to the world

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. To appeal to a global audience, Nike Football has taken an approach which reaches as many fans of the beautiful game as possible.

Nike Football focuses on big moments and viral video marketing. In football, there is no bigger moment than the World Cup. They had the biggest video of the World Cup, if not the year, with The Last Game:

If you hadn’t already seen that, you likely weren’t on the Internet for the months of April and June of 2014. 76 million views means it was hard to miss!

Nike Football does, of course, have a plan outside of these big moments. This involves more or less weekly postings of videos from the Nike Academy, interviews with players, and the odd big budget commercial throw-in here and there for, oh, four or five million views.

Their views can be extremely high for some videos, much higher than anything from Red Bull. But they have around one third as many subscribers.

So what gives? They don’t post with the same kind of consistency, and they likely have some people showing up for their big videos and never coming back again.

Look at this graph about their subscriber growth. You’ll see a big jump for the ‘Last Game’

video, and another jump for the twelve million viewed Neymar Mirrors video:

There are big jumps when they release a popular video, then they go back to rather unremarkable subscriber growth. Nike is doing what they do best: the big things. They are using their YouTube page more as a place to put their regular advertising. That Mirrors video with Neymar would be as at home on a TV screen as a computer screen.

Ordinarily, TV-style advertising is a complete bust on social media and YouTube. The difference here is Nike’s incredible ability to tell stories through their brand, and to tell them in a way that anyone, anywhere, can understand them. The Last Game was seen from Brazil to South Africa to Japan with equally successful results in all markets.

This is an example for YouTube marketing channels out there with three key ingredients:

  1. An incredibly experienced and talented production team that can create content which appeals to vast target markets.
  2. A budget to work with that allows you to create videos that are shareable to a viral degree.
  3. The ability to pinpoint the exact moments you should be targeting well in advance.

Nike Football has a high risk, high reward style of YouTube video marketing. Being Nike, they can afford to do this. They don’t invest everything into these big moments, though. They still have their more user-generated Nike Academy content to fall back on for around 200,000 views a pop.

The average video marketer had better be sure that they know what they’re doing, and that they have a great team. Nike’s example of video marketing on YouTube of telling great stories with their products in the background takes a high degree of skill.

How will you succeed on YouTube?

I have shown you two very different brands with their own styles of content delivery on YouTube. Each one works for each brand – their climbing subscriber numbers speak to that. But those style may not work for your brand. What does work is the process that led to them to decide that was their best course of action.

To get there, you need to evaluate:

  1. What content you’ll be giving people on YouTube: Is that user-generated content, great stories told with the product in the background, or great stories told with the product in the foreground?
  2. What sort of resources you have to accomplish these goals: What type of talent is on your production team? What does your budget look like, and what resources do you already have available that might enable you to spend more in other areas?
  3. The frequency at which you can publish: Daily posts of quickly-produced content with high consistency, or closer to weekly, with high production value videos with viral potential?

Figuring out how each of these points applies to your brand will help you figure out which road you need to follow. Take some time to get familiar with the above channels and see if you can picture your brand following one of these three routes.

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