Brands Go Long on Feel-Good Stories for the Super Bowl

#SB49’s big winners on social - including the NFL - were brands that created video content on deeper social topics and shared it natively on Facebook.

Brands Go Long on Feel-Good Stories for the Super Bowl

According to Socialbakers data, Facebook was definitively the network for Interactions over Super Bowl weekend, as brands began to tease out their TV commercial content. 49 of the top 50 most-interacted videos from this weekend were posted to Facebook.

While YouTube still gets tons of attention as a video platform that’s great for getting views, Facebook videos get more interactions due to a number of factors – especially autoplay, effective News Feed native ad serving, and the ease of shareability.

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When Fans engage at such high rates, those interactions drive reach and extend your content’s life on the ever-valuable News Feed.

Most of these highly-shared posts had positive themes and uplifting messages. Marketers would do well to follow that example this year. Just look at how McDonald’s happy-go-lucky brand refresh has worked to improve their public perception. Getting in more Fans’ good graces is a well-known priority for the fast food giant across every aspect of their global business, and their social campaign leading up to and during the Super Bowl is off to a great start in making it a success.

Their content is much more shareable than the other brands that advertised during the Super Bowl – 78% more shareable! And these brands are themselves above-average in creating share-worthy content. It looks like McDonald’s #MakeItHappy and “Pay with Lovin’” messages are really resonating with Fans.

A lot of that comes down to Facebook’s autoplay feature – by immediately engaging viewers in the first few seconds, as they’re likely scrolling through the News Feed, they make it easy to want to engage with the video. Of course, McDonald’s strong cross-platform game certainly helped as well – they walked their new slogan’s walk, complimenting every other Super Bowl advertiser, and giving away one of their products. It was enough to have Twitter name them the Brand of the Game.

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