The Secrets of Social’s Smart Storytellers

Content may be king for social marketers, but it has to engage users in order to help your brand. Our Smart Storytellers benchmark highlights the brands with the most effective posting strategies. How does your social storytelling stack up with the best in the biz?

The Secrets of Social’s Smart Storytellers

Often brands struggle with knowing what their best content is, and how often they should post. The Socialbakers Smart Storytellers benchmark makes answering that simple – it maps out how engaging brands’ Posts are and tells them whether the content they’re posting is effective and if they should post more or less often. Those that are in the top 25% in their Page size category and industry on Interactions, get crowned Smart Storytellers.

Smart Storytellers use Socialbakers Analytics

According to Socialbakers data, these brands were the best Smart Storytellers in Q4 2014.

Large Pages: Home & Living

For the Large Pages category (Facebook® Pages with 500,000+ fans), we chose to highlight Home & Living brands, because our data paints an especially interesting picture of what’s going on in that industry. Although Brazilian furniture brand Cozinhas Itatiaia (best post) came out on top for striking the right balance between post quantity and interactions per post, Lego also stood out.

Lego is a cool brand with lots of brand affinity and cultural capital. Lego’s online presence is vast – from microsites to community platforms encouraging submissions of user-generated content, to multi-player online games – they even designed a social network for kids. They also produce animated series and The Lego Movie took in around $500 million at the box office last year – all supported by social.

Almost 40,000 people liked this positive message about gender-neutral toy-making, proving that the right stance on a social issue can create positive PR and social media success. Lego is getting great traction now, but could probably stand to post more to Facebook – the audience is definitely there.

Medium Pages: Fashion

For the Medium Pages category (100,000–499,000 fans), we took a closer look at the Fashion industry. These Pages did a great job at connecting to their audience and driving up interactions. Ashley Stewart was the smartest of all Storytellers in this category while Visual Statements, although also a Smart Storyteller, could drive up their Interactions per post by posting less often.

There are a few lessons to learn from this category. The first: visual content works well on Facebook – especially for the Fashion industry. Images and videos of clothing retailers’ products are exactly the content subscribers want to see – and it has a simple and straightforward call to action – something along the lines of, “Like this product? Follow the link to buy it.”

In effect, for Fashion Pages, these posts are the sweet spot of content marketing: they invite action from the audience and they entertain, which creates a bond and better brand recognition and loyalty. Here’s an example: the most engaging post from the top Smart Storyteller in this category, Ashley Stewart.

Small Pages: FMCG Food

For the small Pages category (1–99,000 fans), we went deeper into the FMCG Food industry. The leader of this category was an outlier as well: Clorets Mexico was the top Smart Storyteller for this category, striking the right balance between post frequency and post quality.

Clorets’ content is almost entirely entertainment: pictures with humorous copy. It’s clearly a solid strategy for their audience, producing a lot of interactions. Their top post got more than twice as many interactions as they have fans (just over 40,000). The post got over 20,000 shares, proving Clorets really knows what their audience appreciates.

Knowing your audience is the key to creating content that resonates with your audience and creating a relationship between your brand and your fans. Tracking what content works for you (and your competition!) is also important. While engagement is not the most accurate metric to track business results by, it’s useful in helping marketers determine what content their audience appreciates the most.

Socialbakers Analytics is a great tool for getting the most out of your content. Powered by our industry-leading social dataset, it can help you become the smartest of the Smart Storytellers.

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