6 Tips on Using New Socialbakers Analytics

We've started rolling out the new Socialbakers Analytics and it’s better than ever - here’s all you can get accomplished with the upgraded version!

6 Tips on Using New Socialbakers Analytics

Social media marketing evolves rapidly. We’ve designed our improved Socialbakers Analytics with all the challenges of today in mind so it’s fully equipped to take you into the new age of social media marketing. The more flexible and interactive UI will really transform how you work with data. Here’s a couple of things you should know and use in the new version.

  • Put your Pages on the Competitive Landscape with the new Multi-Comparison

To gain unprecedented market insight, you can now compare your Page to nine competitors, custom labels, or pre-set benchmarks at a time with the Multi-Comparison.

Start your analysis here: identify quickly which competitors excel at Interactions, Content, Response Rate and Time and so on, then examine what makes them so successful and apply the strategy to your own Pages. Alternatively, see how different regions compare, or whether your Page is doing better or worse than your industry.

  • One-click Reports, Next Generation: Automatic Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important functions of a social media management tool – you need a quick yet comprehensive analysis that you can send to a colleague or client or pull reports for your own understanding of your social presence. In the upgraded version of Analytics reporting is easier and better than before: you can now set up reports to be delivered automatically to the recipient of your choice, as regularly as you wish.

Want to learn more about the importance of reporting on social for agencies?

Forego the hassle of preparing a report every week, month or quarter – pull a report in a single click from any section, like the main Dashboard, Fans, Content, or the Socially Devoted section – which contains metrics such as Response Rate and Response Time for improving your social customer care analysis – and automate it to be sent on a regular basis.

Pull the report from the Page overview for an in-depth analysis of all the main metrics, or from the multi-platform dash to see the most important metrics for all of your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence in one report.

  • Cross-Platform Performance Tracking

You are communicating and advertising on several platforms: so you need to see how your overall social performance is doing, across several social networks. Enter the Multi-Platform dashboard – a mini command center that lets you see your performance on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, alongside the best posts on those platforms.

You can also filter it by Label if you want to see an overview of all of your own Pages, or all of your competitors’ Pages at once.

  • Customizable Interface

The upgraded platform is more flexible and customizable – choose how your metrics are set up so you don’t have to waste your time rummaging through data. Just log in and see the metrics that are most important straight away.

  • Browse Through Best Content

Organic reach is tougher to come by than ever before; brands are promoting more and in result, the News Feed is more competitive than ever. But you can counteract this by posting highly engaging content. Figure out which content works best for your Pages or your industry using the revamped Content Newsfeed, which now also has better filtering options.

You can also see the evolution of Interactions in real time. Having an understanding of how Interactions evolve over time means knowing whether and when to boost a Post and tracking how the post performed after boosting it at different times or days.

  • Up Your Social Customer Care Game

Social customer care is a must these days: more than 20 million questions were asked of brands in 2014 on Twitter and Facebook. Where do you start to meet the growing demand? One of the most important things you need to monitor is Question Response Time. Your Fans are expecting timely and relevant responses – provide them and you will create a bond between your brand and the user.

In the new Socialbakers Analytics we’ve added several Response Rate and Time metrics. One of them is the Response Time Evolution – it shows you which days of the week or times of the day your team is less effective at answering your Fans’ questions so you can focus your strengths on these time periods.

Upping your social media marketing game has never been more important. You can get the results you need from social, even without throwing a ton of cash into your advertising, but only if you evolve your social media presence strategically. Socialbakers Analytics is essential in doing that and the upgraded version is fully equipped to transform your social media game. Clients will start to get transferred to the new platform in waves.

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