Brands Need to Start Prioritizing Social Customer Care

While some industries and regions excelled at social customer care in Q4 2014, the picture was not all rosy. Brands need to do more to meet customer demand - or face the consequences.

Brands Need to Start Prioritizing Social Customer Care

Some – but not nearly enough – brands have embraced the opportunities social customer care provides, others are still lagging behind the demand. We’re at about the halfway point of Q1, so there’s still time for brands to take stock of their social customer care performance over the first six weeks of the year and end the quarter on a high note. From Q3 to Q4 in 2014 we saw quite a drain on Socially Devoted Pages – we’re hoping (as are your customers) that things improve in Q1 2015.

FMCG Food lost the biggest amount of Socially Devoted Pages and their average Question Response Rate (QRR) dropped to 59% from 62% in Q3. Retail had an overall QRR of 72% in Q4, and was one of the industries losing Socially Devoted Pages, meaning that the disparity in Socially Devoted status is growing bigger in this industry.

The U.S. stood out for loss of Socially Devoted brands at the end of the year. The total QRR for Q4 was an unfortunate 57% – well below the Facebook standard of 69% and the Socially Devoted benchmark of 65%. Demand for social customer care grew by 14% from Q3 to Q4 on Facebook for U.S. brands, and although their QRR did not drop dramatically, it did not grow to meet the demand either.

Are you Socially Devoted?

The poor results on Social Devotion in the last quarter of the year could be attributed to the growing demand, but the numbers certainly tell us that brands are just not doing enough to meet customers where they want to be met. In some industries, the best are getting better and the worst are getting worse and those that don’t want to end up in the latter category, should take a long, hard look at their social customer care efforts.

To counter the adverse effect that growing demand has on your social customer care, make sure your team has the right social media management tools. You can use a deep data social analytics tools like Socialbakers Analytics to track your performance on Question Response Rate and Time in connection with the amount of questions your Pages receive.

Use an enterprise publishing tool like Socialbakers Builder to collaborate between your team to assign correct responses and share the workload, so no question goes unanswered.

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