For Agencies: 5 Tips on Preparing the Perfect Pitch

If you work at an agency, you know that presenting to a client about social media can be stressful. Here are some tips on how to be prepared for that big pitch by using deep social data.

For Agencies: 5 Tips on Preparing the Perfect Pitch

These days, everyone’s a user of some social network – which means you can run into clients that think they’re as much of an expert on creating successful social campaigns as you are. How do you make your opinion stand out? How do you show a prospect that you’re the expert?

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No matter the situation, you can’t be prepared 100% – or, can you? Armed with sufficient research and preparation, you can put yourself and your agency in the driver’s seat. Here’s how.

Assess demand for information

First things first: determine the industry and size of the client. Some prospects will prefer to get loads and loads of information, while others will prefer single-page summaries. No matter which it will be, your reporting has to be backed up by solid data – the times of guesswork in social are gone. You need to prove yourself as the industry expert, and a reliable source of information on both your prospect’s performance and their competition’s.

Set relevant goals with the client

Social can be a vehicle for many things, from PR to marketing to customer care to pure branding and any combination of those. You need to manage your prospects’ and clients’ expectations as well as set relevant goals to their business.

To make a good first impression, you should come to the meeting with a report of past behaviour and results, and an analysis of competition and industry. With a tool like Socialbakers Analytics you can create a report in a couple of clicks and add your own insight and strategy to it.

Find the silver bullet

You need to set yourself apart at the pitch and have something up your sleeve to “woo” the client. Something they haven’t seen yet or your competition can’t provide can make a pitch. A good example of this is Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection, which is a tool that tells you how many posts your prospect and their competitions are boosting and whether it’s a smart use of their ad spend.

Coming prepared with numbers from direct competitors will make your chances of winning the client skyrocket. Also, debunking the oft-heard misleading info can help. Such as the perennial “teens are leaving Facebook” information – if you can prove this is false and that they should still focus on this channel, you immediately get attention!

Dealing with sucker-punch questions

Sometimes a prospect will ask you questions you can’t possibly have the answer to off the bat, like “How did our engagement rate change in the past six months?” or “Did we post more videos or pictures in December and which performed better?”

For these cases you can keep your Socialbakers Analytics up and running in the background. If the prospect asks a question you don’t know the answer to, you can swiftly switch windows and pull up the stats they want in a couple of clicks.

What not to do

Don’t overload the prospective client. Always remember, this is a pitch and you should aim to impress, not bog down. So even though you should come prepared with the best data-set in the world, you should also include an analysis of your own to interpret what’s going on. After all, you are the expert and the client should be aware of it!

So: do your homework, be ready for questions you can be ready for and for questions you cannot be ready for. Listen to the prospect to set relevant goals together and find something that will set you apart from the competition and impress the prospect. Don’t overload with naked data, but add your own market insight and strategy to the presentation and you will prove your authority on the matter.

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