How to Get Your Boss to Say Yes to Social Analytics

Not everyone understands the importance of tracking social. If you do, but your management doesn’t, here’s how to convince them!

How to Get Your Boss to Say Yes to Social Analytics

Asking for more resources for social media efforts does not need to be a scary task. This cheat sheet will prepare you for the possible negative answers your management can have and how to respond to them to get what you need.

1. “Our target audience is not on social”

Answer: Social gives you the possibility to reach a large variety of target audiences. If you are operating in a B2B environment, this objection will come up more often. The counter is to talk about the capacities of professional networks like LinkedIn to reach and convert leads. You can also research which of your competitors are on social and measure their performance.

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2. “It’s expensive”

Answer: Below-the-line (BTL) efforts, like social media marketing, are still cheaper (and better-targeted) than big production, old-school, above-the-line (ATL) endeavors. Also, using social for customer support can cut costs. Without the ability to make informed decisions, you cannot make constant progress you need to grow your business.

3. “Without concrete ROI projections it’s difficult to justify the expense”

Answer: ROI on social is a hot topic right now. In reality, tracking ROI for any marketing endeavor has always been difficult. Social media and tools to grow your social media presence will actually make tracking conversions easier because you will have data at your fingertips.

4. “More social media presence means more uncontrolled word-of-mouth (WOM)”

Answer: Management sometimes fears social media because people can say what they want about your brand and they think this can potentially impact sales negatively. But being a Socially Devoted – focusing on social customer care – brand can have a number of benefits for your brand: growing engagement, better customer relationships, cheaper customer support and more.

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5. “We’re really uncertain of the value it will create for the team and the company”

Answer: You can suggest the decision-maker take a free trial of the software you are pushing for to see for themselves. Talk about the importance of reporting and the team and company having access to real-time data, both on your performance and the competition’s.

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