Misfit, Social Media, and the Expanding World of Wearables

Fitness tracking devices are in demand, but few can meet accuracy with simplicity in a sleek design. Misfit Wearables disrupted the extremely competitive space and gained traction where others fell short.

Misfit, Social Media, and the Expanding World of Wearables

They managed to hit the ground running before mass production by surpassing their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo by 800% within nine hours from supporters across 64 countries in 2013. Misfit’s robust technology allows users to measure sleep, walking, running, cycling, and even swimming. It’s durability would even benefit those engaging in more vigorous physical activity like Spartan races or triathlons.

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The Misfit product family is versatile too – have your pick from a wristband, necklace, and watch or magnetic clip. The company has teamed up with huge brands like Victoria’s Secret and Swarovski to offer an elegant option for those looking for a functional fashion accessory. On Facebook, people have definitely taken notice. The most engaging post this year announced the limited edition, beautifully crafted Victoria’s Secret Pink Misfit Shine which garnered more than 3,400 interactions.

Misfit Wearables experienced a ton of hype with the announcements of new colors, fashionable designs by Swarovski, Adrian Grenier sporting his Misfit , and Drew Brees training with the device in Sports Illustrated. The brand has a small page size – more than 29,000 total fans, but they increased their fanbase by 165% over the last year.

Social Customer Care

Building a loyal fanbase on Facebook is chiefly accomplished in two ways: social customer care, and engaging content. Fans want to interact with brands – in 2014, customers asked over 22 million questions on Facebook and Twitter combined. And Misfit is one brand that has excelled at being Socially Devoted – our benchmark for brands that respond to at least 65% of questions. Not only have they’ve managed to deal with the increasing demand, but their average Question Response Rate at the end of 2014 was 86%. For the year, they responded to 71% of questions.

Here’s an awesome word cloud showing the volume and frequently used words in fans’ posts on Facebook which illustrates they are mostly about social customer care.

Real-time Conversation

Misfit grew from a crowd-funded startup to a wearable powerhouse in almost no time at all. The company has an audience of over 21,500 followers on Twitter – and in 2015 they’ve already increased their following by 18%. On average, they post at least once per day, but sometimes as many as 4 times daily. Overall, 55% of their admin posts are replies to users. This shows that they care about customer care and building brand awareness in real-time. The most interacted post in 2014 was a Retweeting competition to win loseit – a nutrition and weight loss tracking app, compatible with the Misfit Shine. Here’s an overview of their daily interactions.

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