Boosting Your Paid Social Game With Promoted Post Detection

The importance of social spend is only growing: by the end of 2014 around 17% of all posts on Facebook were paid.

Boosting Your Paid Social Game With Promoted Post Detection

On social as anywhere else, there’s a difference between price and value. If you pay a lot to promote your content but it doesn’t help you achieve your goals, you’re throwing money away. Craft your strategy knowledgeably, and beware of both leaving money on the table by not promoting enough or throwing it out of the window by promoting without doing your research.

Enter the cutting-edge of social analytics – knowing how much and where your competition spends on Facebook ads. Socialbakers offers this unique solution: Promoted Post Detection (PPD). It shows you how your social ads spend compares to the competition in size and effectiveness. Here’s why knowing that is essential.

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Knowing How Often They Promote

Creating a balanced paid/organic strategy for Facebook is not an easy feat. Knowing how much your competition boosts will help you answer these crucial questions:

  • Is my budget the right size? Am I not spending too much or too little? You see whether their spending strategy works – if yes, and if it works better than yours, you need to adjust it. Use the PPD report to justify the need for a bigger ad spend to colleagues or clients.
  • Am I boosting the right posts? If you boost more than your competition, but their top organic posts get more interactions than your promoted posts, you’re wasting money boosting the wrong posts. Optimize your content strategy and experiment with boosting different post types.
  • Is the competition about to make a move? Watch for spikes – putting money behind something is a sure sign it’s important. If you see spikes of spend from your competition, something’s about to go down.

Too often marketers fall into the trap of targeting the wrong audience, or not using the best bid-type for their campaign, by using the wrong campaign-type or not tracking their paid efforts in social analytics. Beware of these caveats, and craft your strategy from an understanding of all possible tactics and knowledge of your environment. It should depend on your brand and the industry you operate in. Your goal should be creating balance between organic and paid reach, as this will make Facebook’s algorithms react most favorably to your content. Seeing behind the curtain with the PPD reports can help you create that balance.

Knowing What They Promote

In the long-term you should be interested in creating valuable relationships with your fanbase, creating content they will want to interact with and paying to get it delivered to as many of them as possible. That’s why PPD reports also show top posts for you and the competition, broken down by paid and organic.

Paired with the knowledge of how much your competition posts, their top paid and organic content will tell you what in your paid and content strategies needs to be adjusted. PPD is also a tool that agencies can use as their “silver bullet” in client pitches – nothing will surprise your prospects quite as much as deep insight into their competition’s ad spend!

To truly integrate social into your marketing endeavors, you need to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible about the market, your own performance and your competition’s. When you back your social up with a sizeable budget, it pays to do your research to find out tactics that will propel you forward and leave your competition in the dust.

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