Remember The Dress? Probably Not, According to Socialbakers Data

Despite making waves on social and reportedly being seen by a majority of all Facebook users (which, wow), BuzzFeed’s famous Dress post did not make much of an impact at all on it’s overall social health.

Remember The Dress? Probably Not, According to Socialbakers Data

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This didn’t even fit in the 15-day paradigm Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab discussed in Re/code in January- interactions and Follower growth dropped back to pre-viral levels almost immediately.

On Facebook, this effect was even more muted.

The post was published on the night of February 26th, which was actually square in the middle of a week of declining interactions for BuzzFeed. This could be because they deal in so many frequent high-profile (often viral) stories, but even by those standards The Dress was supposed to be elite. So why did essentially nothing happen in terms of growth or interactions on either network that trafficked the story?

The likely answer comes from shares – or the lack of them. As interactions fell, shares on BuzzFeed content did too.

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Shareable content drives other interactions, and creates active engagement. Each time content gets shared, new opportunities for every kind of engagement are created. This means that the more shareable content is, the longer its shelf life will be.

Viral events, conversely, do get seen, but don’t make the same lasting impression. After all – it’s only been a little more than a month, but The Dress is already a distant memory.

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