Game of Thrones is Back and Killing it on Twitter

HBO’s Game of Thrones returned to the small screen this week and brought its Twitter legions with it.

Game of Thrones is Back and Killing it on Twitter

Social marketers take note.

GoT crafts their social content like Valyrian steel. Almost without exception, they’re captivating, shareable, and clearly in touch with what their audience wants. People LOVE quotes, and GoT’s marketing teams do an incredible job of combining them with high-resolution visuals. They make the best use of Twitter’s real-time functionality with their more than 2.2 million Followers. Just check out how the first, second, third, fourth, fifth best posts resonated with their audience.

Part of the bump was no doubt due to the news that the first few episodes of Season 5 leaked online and were being heavily pirated. The show already reigns as the most-torrented show ever, a crown it seems likely to retain. While the piracy certainly affects the bottom line, the buzz it generated – especially given that the series premier was just hours away – is hard to dismiss.

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Another way to measure the excitement was the number of profile mentions leading up to, during, and after the debut of Season 5.

The most engaging tweet announced the premiere – getting more than 42,000 total interactions.

They’ve already added 170,000 new Followers this year – and are seeing real results.

When looking deeper into interaction performance, retweet and replies serve an excellent metric to see measure the shareability – essentially the virality of the content. GoT has refined their art of storytelling on social, and found a voice to connect with their target audience. Check it out:

The Takeaway

High quality production, memorable characters, legions of TV and book fans – you’d think marketing Game of Thrones would be like taking a leisurely stroll through the water gardens. Hardly.

The GoT team does a great job of producing and promoting original content for the web – highlight reels, deep dives on plot themes, teasers, etc. But they let their fans do some of the work too. They retweet regular users and even brands that run GoT-inspired campaigns. It’s a good mix that, given the results, is clearly well thought through.

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