Socialbakers Analytics: Compare Groups of Pages for Advanced Competitive Intelligence

Complement your digital marketing SWOT analysis by creating a social media group-to-group comparison.

Socialbakers Analytics: Compare Groups of Pages for Advanced Competitive Intelligence

We’ve been preaching competitive analysis for as long as Socialbakers has existed. There’s simply no getting around it while doing market research – your own numbers on social media won’t tell you anything unless you compare them to your competition’s and the industry at large.

Now, we’re introducing a way for Socialbakers Analytics users to milk the comparison even more by using labels. Labels are the Socialbakers way to group pages together, and they’re incredibly useful. Applying them is pretty straightforward:

You can view main metrics for your labels (groups) in one dashboard, you can use them to filter out pages in the main dashboards and now you can also compare group to group. A label-to-label analysis will average out the metrics for all the pages or profiles in a group and you can easily spot trends amongst larger groups of pages.

To truly evaluate your social performance, you need to look at the bulk of it, not only page by page or profile by profile. And you don’t need to be a data scientist either: setting up the label-to-label comparison takes mere seconds and a couple of clicks:

You can apply multiple labels to one page, effectively creating different groupings of pages. Not only can you group by ownership, but also product-category, region, vertical and so on, creating microsegments for a deeper understanding of trends in each.

Take a big multinational FMCG company with a wide range of products, operating in different markets. For example, a company like Mars Inc., which has ranges of products under the Wrigley name, a pet food line, as well as the namesake candy and other sweets. If they had a centralized digital marketing team who took care of all of the pages for all of those ranges of products, they would need to segment by:

  • product category: for candy, for Wrigley, for pet food, etc.
  • geographical region they are present in
  • regional vs global pages
  • and any competitors they might have for all of their product categories.

Learn more about Socialbakers Analytics or take a free trial! If you’re an existing client and have questions about using the label-to-label comparison or the new Socialbakers Analytics, get in touch with your account manager.

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