Nestlé: How Local Social Success Drives a Global Brand

Nestlé's global social media success starts at the local level. Here’s how they do it.

Nestlé: How Local Social Success Drives a Global Brand

Swiss food giant – and Socialbakers Analytics client – Nestlé has over 2000 social media profiles around the world for all of their products. That means more than 1500 pieces of content created daily. Theirs is a strong consolidated brand that means good food, wellness, and a good lifestyle. Though their centralized branding success is reflected in the fact that it can be distilled to that simple notion anywhere in the world, they approach their fans regionally. Why?

The extent to which to adapt or centralize a brand is a long-standing question for a company with a diverse and multinational/global brand portfolio. Social media has now largely answered that question – now it’s a matter of execution. Here’s how Nestlé balances its global/local strategy, and the role social analytics plays in identifying the best content for local markets and what goes to the world.

Global Brand, Regional Conversations

An average Nestlé Global Page has 12.3 million Fans on Facebook. An average regional Nestlé Page has just over 600,000 – not a small amount by any means, but not a mammoth amount like 12 million either.

We’ve written before about how local pages do much better than global ones on interactions in relation to page size. When it comes to Nestlé, you don’t even have to relate the numbers to the amount of fans: regional pages leave global ones in the dust on total interactions. On average, a regional Nestlé page gets four times more total interactions than a global one. Having regional content ensures that it’s more specialized and relevant to the fanbase.

The more massive an audience gets, the more diverse it becomes and the fewer interests people will have in common. Social channels are no exception to this rule. Segmenting by regions (and having a way to track cross-platform performance regionally) means knowing when to post, in what language, and how to engage fans. By having such strong regional social presence, Nestle ensures the best content for their fans and optimizes their brand awareness and affinity.

Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital & Social Media at Nestle, and his teams know the importance of relevancy: “Creating and keeping meaningful relationships with Nestlé’s consumers in social media requires insight into what they like, how well they respond to different types of content. Socialbakers helps Nestlé research their audiences across different regions and brands, so that we can create relevant content that will resonate and promote advocacy.”

Nestlu00e9 use Socialbakers Analytics to compare, benchmark and improve!

While Nestlé’s content-type mix is almost identical between global and local pages, they post to local pages twice as often as to global pages (a local page will post around 20 times per month, a global – only 10). This means the bulk of their fans is on their global centralized pages, while the conversations that they have with fans are regional. To track these trends and see whether their strategy is on point across regional markets and teams, they work closely with custom data-management solutions from Socialbakers.

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