Twitter Social Customer Care Overview Q1 2015

Brands continue to ignore growing social customer care demand on Twitter - that’s not a good thing.

Twitter Social Customer Care Overview Q1 2015

A funny and relevant social media manager is worth their weight in gold – after all, a meaningful and timely response (especially one that pushes our meta buttons by being relevant to the brand) can make the rounds on the Internet for years until everyone and their mom has seen it. Just recently we were graced by the brazen creativity of the Banana Bunker team and Ikea’s Shelf Help Guru.

So given the fact that replying to your customers when they tweet at you is a great way to make them tell their friends, and actually maybe resolving an issue they have, brands are still not moving much towards embracing social customer care on Twitter.

Getting More Done, Faster

There are two main KPIs you need to track in your customer care on Twitter: Question Response Time (QRT) and Question Response Rate (QRR). Brands answered only 30% of user questions on Twitter in Q1 2015, which is a slight improvement from the quarter before, but still far from the Socially Devoted benchmark – 65% QRR. They also took longer to answer – an average user question on Twitter, if it ever gets an answer, will get one in more than nine hours.

That’s nine hours your competition has to poach your prospect and vice versa.

Are you Socially Devoted?

The trick is to answer more questions or mentions, at a faster speed. Tracking your success goes a long way. In Socialbakers Analytics you can track how fast your team replies to questions or mentions. Below is the ideal example – second most Socially Devoted brand of Q1 2015 on Twitter (and Socialbakers client!) – Telkomsel.

This graph was created using the new Socialbakers Analytics

Telkomsel got the biggest demand on Twitter in Q1, and yet their QRR stayed a strong 83% – an outstanding result.

This graph was created using the new Socialbakers Analytics

You don’t get to be best (and reap the benefits, which mostly come in a higher amount of interactions – about 5 times higher, that is) without investing time and resources, in your team and in the software you use: the top nine best-responding pages use external publication software.

Industry and Country Benchmarks Matter

Although the Banana Bunker showed us you can create great results by engaging with prospects even about household goods, there are definitely industries in which social customer service is more expected than in others. Telecom and airlines are obvious demand leaders – but we’re seeing growth in areas like accommodation and healthcare, and many, many others.

Check your industry standard for the first quarter of the year and check here whether you are Socially Devoted:

Demand for social customer care has been steadily climbing over the years and it will continue to do so. Those that cannot respond to their customers where the customers themselves expect it, will give way to competition that does, lose out on the opportunity for creating returning clients and the opportunity to minimize buyer remorse. Those that can distinguish themselves from the competition by giving their prospect or client a personal approach, by efficiently solving issues, will create good results on social by multiplying their interactions, as well as off social, with better awareness, brand recognition and loyalty.

Take a free trial of Socialbakers Analytics to evaluate how your Twitter profile does in terms of social customer care metrics like the ones mentioned above, and others.

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