Brands Raised the Customer Care Standard on Facebook in Q1

Brands made a huge leap in social customer care in Q1 - they now respond to 74% of questions on Facebook.

Brands Raised the Customer Care Standard on Facebook in Q1

That’s an incredible change from a few years ago! 2012 wasn’t all that long ago, but it’s eons in terms of how Facebook connects brands and Fans.

Love your customers – they’ll love you back

Social Customer Care has never been more important for Facebook marketers. At the F8 conference at the end of Q1 2015, Facebook announced that Messenger would be expanded to include Messenger for Business. If that doesn’t sound exciting to you as a marketer, you’re not paying attention: Not only does it completely change the way you can communicate with buyers after the point of sale, it will make every Fan expect pretty much instant replies when they write to your brand.

Are you Socially Devoted?

The incentive for brands to satisfy that expectation is plain. For the past three quarters, the difference in how Fans engaged with Socially Devoted and non-Socially Devoted brands was huge.

Interactions have grown a slow 11% for non-SD brands in the last year, but jumped 64% for SD brands. That’s 12.7× the growth in actual interactions. It can’t be overstated just how much Fans love getting customer care on Facebook. For brands in every industry, remembering this will be key to business success going forward.

Brands around the world have learned to respond to customer questions quickly and accurately. In fact, the brands that answered the most questions (while ignoring the fewest) came from 7 countries in 5 different continents!

The biggest change is the meteoric rise of Telkomsel to the top spot. It wasn’t any downgrade in longtime champion KLM’s performance which actually improved in every metric – as it was an amazing commitment to social customer care by the Indonesian telecom. By raising their Question Response Rate (QRR) from 65.3%, or just barely Socially Devoted-level, to 98.4%, they catapulted past every other brand on our list.

In just one quarter, they answered a net 15,570 additional questions – a 135% increase! What’s even better is that this improvement came not from an increase in demand, but from a commitment to answering questions that were likely ignored in Q4.

They did all this while maintaining the exact same stellar Question Response Time (QRT) of 35 minutes per question that they posted in Q4.

Master Social Customer Care Like KLM and Telkomsel

Slow Ride

With KLM’s improvement in QRT from 99 minutes to just 58, all but two of the top brands answered their incoming questions in under an hour. That’s awesome customer care.

But we can’t say the same thing for every brand. In fact, every industry’s average QRT slowed down. Fashion and Beauty were two of the worst in this regard, slowing down by more than 9 hours and 11 hours, respectively.

Customer care isn’t hard to do on social – it just requires an attentive team that really wants to help the customer where they already are. And as social networks and brands grow to make it more necessary than ever for Fans and brands to talk directly, slow response times just won’t cut it.

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