Socialbakers Launches Socialbakers Premium Reports: More Stats, Deeper Insights

Socialbakers Premium Reports feature more stats on more pages for more networks, and they arrive two weeks before any of your competitors get even a portion of the month’s data. What are you waiting for?

Socialbakers Launches Socialbakers Premium Reports: More Stats, Deeper Insights

Socialbakers Regional and Industry Reports have always been a must-have. With more than 50 million statistics refreshed daily, it’s the largest of it’s kind in the world of social marketing. We analyze more Pages than anyone else, provide the most accurate benchmarks, and spot the trends that no one else can.

Today we’re expanding that offering, giving you so much more to discover. With Socialbakers Premium Reports, you get deep, exclusive insights about social media trends happening right now – with the numbers to back it up.

Gain an edge with Socialbakers Premium Reports

Think you already get all you need from the free reports? You don’t know you’re missing:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Post Breakdowns
  • 4× more leading Pages
  • Insights into Trends for Each Network
  • In-Depth Engagement Analysis
  • Social Customer Care analysis tailored to your region

When we thought of how to add to our flagship Reports, we saw a great opportunity to create a one-stop shop for the top-level insights you need to start your month on the right foot.

As for the old version of the regional reports, they will still be available, but with a 15 – 20 day delay.

Having access to Socialbakers Premium Reports means that you have a two week head start for planning campaigns built on exclusive information.

Want to know the post type that got the best CTR in your region? Need to see growth, engagement trends, and content performance by platform? Start making smarter decisions on social and find your competitive advantage with Socialbakers Premium Reports.

Of course, all Socialbakers clients will have immediate access to Socialbakers Premium Reports right from the start.

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