Coping with Demand for Social Customer Care in 2015

Last year, brands were asked nearly 22 million questions on Facebook and Twitter combined. Audiences want to interact with brands, but how are they coping with such a large demand?

Coping with Demand for Social Customer Care in 2015

Since 2011, we’ve demonstrated that customer care is an essential aspect of any winning social media strategy. Our Socially Devoted benchmark sets the target to respond to at least 65% of audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Are you Socially Devoted?

Having an effective social customer care strategy is not a fad, it’s a customer expectation. Yet, so far in 2015, just 4% of brands are Socially Devoted on Facebook, and 3% on Twitter. We analyzed more than 66,000 brands across Facebook from over 25 industries to get a clear picture of customer care demand.

In the chart above, we can see the total volume of questions posed to each industry on Facebook. In Q1, Telcos received more demand than any other industry – and were the most effective – they answered 88% of of nearly half a million questions.

Get this – despite that just 4% of brands are Socially Devoted, they receive 63% of all questions on Facebook, and provide 77% of all answers. That’s incredible and goes to show that the more you interact with your audience, the more they will interact with you.

On Facebook, the general Question Response Rate improved by 7% since Q2 of 2014, a new record in response rate! This demonstrates the growing importance of social customer care and the need for brands to adapt.

It Pays to Engage

Being a Socially Devoted brand brings a ton of benefits. Among them are the interactions generated from engaging with fans and followers. It literally pays to engage with your audience – that’s because social engagement drives site visits.

Socially Devoted brands experience 3.5 times more interactions than their less-responsive counterparts.

On Twitter

We took a look at more than 17,000 brands on Twitter and found a very different picture.

In Q1, brands answered 30% of the more than the 6.5 million questions asked on Twitter; compare this with Facebook where brands answered 74% of 1.4 million questions. By our standards, this makes Facebook the definitive platform for social customer care – despite the fact that Twitter still receives a higher demand. Entire industries are slowly catching up to the demand on Twitter. Telcos also experienced the largest demand on there, but they only managed to respond to only 9% of the 1.5+ million questions asked.

Twitter is constantly pumping with real-time conversations, and brands are continuously flooded with questions to contend with. These numbers show companies are not coping well with increasing demand. Social marketers need the proper tools like

Socialbakers Builder to respond quickly and effectively to fan questions or content.

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The Takeaway

Brands’ social profiles are no longer message boards or one-way communication streams. Customers are connected more than ever, and they want to interact with brands and expect their questions to be answered. Brands have to be ready to address the consumer demand that continues to rise every quarter.

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