Content Marketing Pro Tip: 3 Ways to Track Your Social Content Mix

Track your content mix over time with post labels for better strategic planning.

Content Marketing Pro Tip: 3 Ways to Track Your Social Content Mix

Ever wonder how your content mix compares to that of your competitor? Or how many customer care queries your team gets? Social analytics can give you a basic picture of how your content is performing, and an advanced social platform like Socialbakers Analytics also gives you a feed that can be filtered according to several metrics to get a closer look at best-performing posts. But don’t stop at only the pre-set metrics – you’ll get infinitely more value out of content-tracking if you track by customizable labels.

Socialbakers Builder – our community management solution – organizes your dashboard into feeds: incoming messages from users, competition and your own outgoing content, and more. To see the content mix for your own or competitors’ content, label the posts in the outgoing and competition feed. Track the different posts you get from users, by customer care query, assign sentiment or any other label in the incoming feed.

Ways to use labels:

1. Track your own content


This is straightforward. For example, you know you have a strategy to post a certain amount of posts for a particular product in a quarter. Maybe you don’t have a strategy to divide content by category yet, and want to see what content you are putting out by category over time. Assigning labels to posts will help you track that at the end of a time period, be it week, month, quarter or year.

2. Track your competition’s content

This goes the same way as the previous point – track the categories of posts your competition is posting. Is it more entertainment or promotions? Is the strategy working for them? Combine the data you get from your post tagging with social analytics to see if the strategy is working for them better than yours is for you. Maybe they get more interactions over time, or bigger fan growth? Check out how they do it by tracking their content distribution.

3. Track incoming user messages and posts by sentiment or function

Socialbakers Builder is a great tool for collaboration and is built with social customer care in mind. In the direct messages feed and in the user posts to your pages and profiles feed, you can tag posts by “social customer care”. At the end of the quarter you will know how many questions and posts your teams had to deal with and can prepare better for demand. You can also tag the posts and messages by sentiment, or tag them as “crisis”. You’ll know how many posts and messages were angry or unsatisfied customers and can see if that number diminishes quarter to quarter according to the application of new tactics.

Sometimes you might have a campaign during which you will invite user participation. This way of post-tagging will allow you to tag which posts come from the campaign, so you can track later how many user posts to your page the campaign created. If you merely look at the overall amount of posts to your page or profile, you won’t know which amount of the total number was because of the campaign.

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Overall, tracking post-types and content-types by your own custom set of labels is the most flexible way to later see how your content evolves, and which types of content get the best reach and interactions. One click, and you’re tracking which tactics work best, what content wins on which platform, and gets you one more step to making data-driven decisions instead of flying blind and just hoping it will work out.

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