Lamborghini: Racing Towards Social Media Success

Lamborghini is constantly setting benchmarks for the automotive industry with unparalleled performance. The same is true for their social media strategy.

Lamborghini: Racing Towards Social Media Success

How does one of the most elite luxury brands accurately build and measure desire on social?

Join Roberto Ciacci, Global Head of Digital Marketing for Lamborghini, at Engage Prague 2015 to learn how they’re tracking engagement and loyalty in a fiercely competitive space.

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Lamborghini’s social strategy is hard to miss. We analyzed more than 1,400 posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to see how the raging bull pulled off an incredible year.

The fast-track

We compared Q1 2014 to Q1 2015 and found that 2014 was dedicated to strengthening their presence on Instagram; and so the volume of content posted on the platform grew faster than any other network. They posted far more content on Twitter than Facebook in both quarters.

In terms of interactions, Instagram won the race for the most-engaging platform in Q1 2015, even surpassing Facebook. Lamborghini’s YouTube channel experienced a slight decline in interactions after their Huracán LP 610–4 video set the benchmark in 2014 – it was launched one month before Lamborghini unveiled the car at the Geneva Motor Show last March. It was their most successful video from our selected time range, and to date has more than 7 million views. It was an excellent way to generate some buzz leading up to the world’s most important auto show – and it worked like a charm.

On Instagram

Lamborghinis are eye candy – no one ever says, “I saw this terrible photo of a Lamborghini.” Instagram, naturally, has become the brand’s platform of choice. They’ve geared their focus towards the platform, and been seeing results. The Lambo profile has already garnered 6× more interactions this year compared to Q1 of 2014. Since January of last year, they were able to increase their audience 4× – that’s over 500,000 new followers. Currently, the have an audience of over 650,000 followers.

Lamborghini’s most popular photo since Q1 2014 was this beauty – a front view of the

Huracan at the Geneva Motor Show.

On Facebook

In terms of fans, Lamborghini comes in sixth among automotive brands globally, with an audience of more than 11 million. They accelerated their Facebook strategy last year by becoming increasingly more active on the platform – even higher than the auto industry average since May 2014.

Fans can’t get enough of fresh content and it’s definitely had a hand in their remarkable growth. They’ve added nearly 5 million new fans over the last year, and have the interactions to show for it.

Photos and photo albums are Lamborghini’s preferred post types on Facebook, making up 44% of their posts and receiving 50% of total interactions. Posting albums are also common for the auto industry, and Lambo also passes them in volume. Albums contribute to Lamborghini’s second largest posting type – 22%, garnering 27% of total interactions. Their Facebook strategy also aims to drive traffic to their website with links (17%), and stimulate buzz through videos (15%) – they post more links and videos than the industry average.

On Twitter

Lamborghini is the third largest automotive brand on Twitter – where they post more than on any other platform – with nearly one million followers. The content was clearly well-received, as they increased both interactions and user mentions – an average of 13,000 interactions a month, and nearly 15.5 thousand mentions per month respectively. Their best tweet was a picture of the batmobile used in The Dark Knight Rises – the sleek Aventador LP 700–4 – which sparked almost 2,000 interactions!

On YouTube

As was mentioned earlier, the Huracán LP 610–4 video broke records for the most views. What’s more, they captured over 12,000 new subscribers in March as a result. They are averaging 4,500 new subscribers per month.

The Takeaway

Lamborghini’s goal is simple: they want to be the world’s most desired luxury brand by 2020. Social is a big part of that effort – and their strategy is clearly on the right track. They have an active fan base on every platform, and are constantly adjusting their tactics to get the most out of each one – from posting more native videos on Facebook to stepping up their game on Instagram.

Lamborghini was at Engage Prague 2015 in May, and discussed the challenges of marketing an elite luxury brand and how to create success in an extremely competitive arena.

Roberto Ciacci, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Lamborghini, will discuss how they try to foster and, perhaps more importantly, measure desire. Roberto’s team has been tracking engagement and loyalty and think they have found a way to do it. He will discuss this new measurement framework and the challenges of marketing an elite luxury brand – small, niche audiences, fierce competition, and a very elite customer base.

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