Some Big Announcements from Socialbakers

We’ve revamped our market-leading services - integrating Instagram and Ads into Socialbakers Analytics, bringing Paid Post Detection to social marketers, improving our Executive Dashboard - and, soon, we'll be introducing video analysis and a groundbreaking partnership with Sina Weibo.

Some Big Announcements from Socialbakers

The New Socialbakers Analytics – Now with Instagram

Socialbakers Analytics is redesigned, reimagined, and more powerful than ever. Soon, every Socialbakers Analytics client will have access to the latest and greatest version of our flagship marketing tool. With a sleek interface and more actionable insights, including new engagement and customer care metrics, Ads integration, a deeper integration of Facebook Insights metrics, and unprecedented reporting capacities, the new Socialbakers Analytics is the #DataDriven future of social marketing.

See for yourself by trying out our new Socialbakers Analytics!

Importantly, Socialbakers Analytics will now also include Instagram. We’ve had Instagram as part of our Socialbakers LABS initiative for some time, but now we’ve fully integrated it in Socialbakers Analytics. That means deep, competitive metrics right in your dashboard alongside Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now, you can take an in-depth look at filter effectiveness, post-type breakdown, and Follower growth, among other key metrics.

Metrics include:

  • Evolution and Distribution of Interactions
  • Filter Effectiveness
  • Follower Growth
  • Top Content
  • … and so much more!

Promoted Post Detection

To help clients create an even better social media ads strategy, there’s Promoted Post Detection (PPD). The importance of promoted posts keeps growing, and has been accelerating over the past two years. Social Media Managers today need to know how much their industry promotes, how much their competition promotes, and how their promoted content is performing to stay ahead in this competitive social media environment. PPD will give our users a comprehensive overview of how their posts perform, why certain strategies succeed or flop, and how they can improve their tactics with the help of post-boosting.

New Socialbakers Analytics Will Include Video Analysis

All of our improvements into the product are about maximizing the ROI every social marketer can get from their campaigns. To that end, we focused on adding value to the fastest-growing sector within social media advertising: social video.

We’re introducing competitive video analysis with Socialbakers Video Analytics. That means you’ll be able to compare the same video’s performance on different social networks, see how your churn rate compares to your competition’s, and break that churn rate down into its component parts. See how, when, and why your viewers kept going or stopped watching your videos.

Executive Dashboard Upgrades

The Socialbakers Executive Dashboard is smarter than ever, redesigned to include new metrics and more capabilities to help you harmonize all of your marketing data, including web performance.

With new features like:

  • Redesigned PDF reports
  • Promoted Posts Strategy chart, an especially useful visualization can tell you all about how your post promotion’s effectiveness in a competitive context.
  • Charts on Socialbakers Builder labels
  • A searchable users list
  • A searchable, dropdown Reports list
  • The Socialbakers Wishlist, in which you can directly contribute your ideas on how to improve our products

You’ve never seen as complete a picture of your marketing mix in one elegant space as with the improved Socialbakers Executive Dashboard.

Sina Weibo

In a unique partnership with Sina Weibo, China’s main social network, Socialbakers is developing the first social analytics tool specifically capable of evaluating marketing performances on Sina Weibo. It will include universal metrics for measuring engagement, post success, and customer care success on Weibo.

Our tool will cover six essential aspects of Sina Weibo marketing:

  • Fan Acquisition and Behavior
  • Content
  • Engagement
  • Customer Care
  • Ad Effectiveness
  • Market Trends

At Socialbakers, we never stop working to innovate and keep social marketers #DataDriven. Check out all of the “highlights from Engage 2015 “:… on our YouTube channel.


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