The Top 10 US CPGs on Social

We analyzed over 600 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) to discover who are the most loved brands on social so far in 2015.

The Top 10 US CPGs on Social

We’ve crunched the numbers to get a clear picture of the top performing CPGs on Facebook. We looked at 5 industry sectors: Coffee & Tea, Soft Drinks, Water, Confectionery, and Dairy, focusing on the global averages of audience size, volume of posts, and interactions.

The Takeaway

Duncan Hines is leading in the CPG industry – they garnered the most interactions and had the top performing post overall. Coca-Cola boasts the largest audience in the CPG industry with 12.6 million fans. Simply Orange gains the most interactions per 1,000 fans. We recommend looking at Interactions per 1,000 fans because larger pages see more absolute interactions, and marketers can’t always expect to have the same relative engagement as smaller Pages.

Learn more tips and tricks on measuring engagement

There are a couple of ways to determine which brands are top performers on Facebook.

Of course social success is not a one-size-fits-all measurement, Social ROI is relative. BUT, there are a few metrics which can help put you on the path to defining success. This infographic illustrates some general points: who has the largest audience (loved brand), which brands are the best creative storytellers (generate the most interactions per post), post performance (top engaging posts), frequency of content creation (volume of posts).

These aspects of social media performance are crucial for increasing the bottom-line. That’s because every like, share, comment, retweet on your status updates, photos, videos etc. means another opportunity for website conversion. Building a loyal, engaged following improves your ability to drive sales.Read more about how engagement on social drives website conversions and brand awareness. The consumer purchase journey has changed completely with social media. According to a Google report, in the case of the CPG industry, social media plays a larger role before the point of purchase than any other industry, and traditional marketing. Consumers care about brand image, and pay more attention to the tastes and experiences of their friends more than ever before. They do this because of the power of social media. This provides brands the opportunity to influence the aspects that greatly affect purchasing behavior.

By building communities, creating engaging content, and opening a two way communication channel, brands can be part of the those conversations. This approach can help you become a more social brand to gain a competitive advantage where others fall short. We encourage you to look at these top performers and see what they are doing right, and compare best practices to your own. Have a look at Socialbakers Premium Reports, they give deep, exclusive insights about social media trends happening right now – two weeks earlier than your competitors. Start making smarter decisions on social and find your competitive advantage with Socialbakers Premium Reports.

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