Marketers – Assemble for Premium Reports!

The digital media space changes rapidly, and if you’re a social marketer, you’ve got to stay on top of trends. We know, we’re social media marketers too. That’s why we’ve developed Socialbakers Premium Reports to give you that competitive edge with an ultimate monthly data pack.

Marketers – Assemble for Premium Reports!

We are pretty pumped for these stats, here’s why you should be too. Yes, we’ve got Socialbakers Regional and Industry Reports, and we analyze more Pages than any other social analytics company with more than 50 million statistics refreshed daily. But NOW with Socialbakers Premium Reports you can get exclusive insights about the social media trends happening right now two-weeks before non-subscribers.

Gain an edge with Socialbakers Premium Reports

Be at the cutting edge of social media analysis with the right metrics for successful data driven social marketing:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Post Breakdowns
  • 4× more leading Pages
  • Insights into Trends for Each Network
  • In-Depth Engagement Analysis
  • Social Customer Care analysis tailored to your region
  • ….and much, much more!

Having access to Socialbakers Premium Reports means that you’ll get a two week head start for planning campaigns. Imagine, you’ll gain content inspiration, tailor-made exclusive insights for your region from the deepest data set available – all before the competition.

Here’s an example of some key metrics from a sample report:

Our Socially Devoted benchmark recognizes the brands who excel at social customer care – the brands that respond to at least 65% of audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter. Here’s a breakdown of the Top 5 most Socially Devoted Brands on Facebook for the past month.

Of course you’ll get fresh stats on the Top 5 brands on Facebook and Twitter by interactions.

Just check out how the Top 20 brands’ content performed across Facebook and Twitter. In the real report, this is an interactive graph showing content behavior by number of interactions per post.

My personal favorite is this beauty – the post and interactions breakdown for the Top 20 brands. These stats are great for crafting your post type strategy against regional averages.

For example, you can benchmark from the success of the Top 20 brands to see if you meet the global average. It helps with reporting as well, for instance, shares and comments are more valuable than likes. If you have a higher percentage of either in comparison to leading brands, give yourself a pat on the back, if you don’t, you know what you should work on improving.

Get ahead – and stay ahead – of the market with Socialbakers Premium Social Marketing Reports!

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