Cannes Lions Winners Aren’t All Getting Great Reach on Facebook

The best campaigns at Cannes were also successful advertisements - but they could have performed even better.

Cannes Lions Winners Aren’t All Getting Great Reach on Facebook

Celebrities, innovators, and executives gathered in the French resort town to find out which of their works would be crowned by their peers. World-famous campaigns like Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want”, “Touch the Pickle” by Procter & Gamble’s Indian brand, Whisper, and more were crowned for their innovation and their impact.

But for all these great ads, we wondered, how many people were watching? And were they seeing the content organically, or because the company had paid to promote their posts on social?

Promoted Post Detection helped us find the answer.

Post promotion on Facebook rose 120% in 2014

In this chart, we can see the different results four Grand Prix-winning brands obtained by promoting content on Facebook over the last three months. Under Armour runs the most efficient paid strategy right now. They promoted only 10% of their posts over the last three months, but nearly half of their interactions come from those few posts.

Not every winner was so effective. For instance, even if they produced fantastic content, Volvo didn’t promote it nearly as well as Under Armour.

Only 2 of their 10 most-shared posts in the last three months were promoted. By analyzing their organic posts’ success and promoting their best content, Volvo could get a huge boost in reach and engagement. Their content was deserving of advertisings’ highest honor – now, they should let people see it.

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