How An Ecommerce Company Organically Reaches [Nearly] 20 Million Fans Per Day

Socialbakers is proud to partner with a truly revolutionary company at the center of social eCommerce, fashion, and branding - Shoe Lovers (Yo Amo Los Zapatos).

How An Ecommerce Company Organically Reaches [Nearly] 20 Million Fans Per Day

With more than 30 million Fans, Shoe Lovers has disrupted the traditional fashion and eCommerce model by creating perfect market equilibrium of supply and demand; all through the power of Facebook data.

When your business sits at the intersection of several industries, it can be difficult to innovate. But that’s exactly what the fast growth eCommerce company “Shoe Lovers” is doing, and social media is at the heart of their revolutionary success.

It began 3 years ago with a goal – connect passionate fashion shoppers with technology to integrate consumer demand into the manufacturing process. CEO and Co-Founder Felipe Servin recognized Facebook as a platform to make that possible, and has leveraged smart, data-driven insights and word of mouth marketing to create one of the social network’s largest and most engaging brand pages.

Engagement on Shoe Lovers dwarfs that of Socialbakers’ global fashion benchmark.

And this isn’t just engagement for engagement’s sake – the page’s super active community yields exceptional organic reach and an effective way to create only the shoes that their audience wants most. In fact, Shoe Lovers’ strategy has been completely organic on Facebook from day 1, growing their Fan base from fewer than 50,000 to over 1 million in less than a year. (They ran one test paid campaign in May, the results of which were not statistically significant, but aside from that have done absolutely no paid promotion.) Servin describes Shoe Lovers as a fashion brand built on the power of the community – a community that, unlike almost all others on social media, actually preceded the sale of any products from the brand. When Shoe Lovers first began selling shoes in May ’14, the page already had over 13 million fans.

The continued success of the page centers around purposeful content designed to avoid common issues faced by other players in the industry. Typically, a fashion company must pay for a trend study, wait ~6 months, analyze the trend, and spend a few more months producing a new item. This process isn’t just expensive and time consuming. It also often leads to excess inventory that goes unsold or is purchased at a steep discount, because the company is unable to make demand for their new product meet the supply they already produced.

Shoe Lovers has flipped this traditional business model on its head. Its easy to get supply – making sure you have a product that customers want should be the first step. By posting pictures of potential new shoes directly to Facebook, and carefully monitoring the engagement around each one, Shoe Lovers does just that. If a post receives enough engagement, they allow customers to pre-order that shoe on their website. Only after garnering a certain number of pre-orders will the shoe go into production, and even then, the number of units made is exactly the number of shoes pre-ordered. In doing so, Shoe Lovers has made supply equal demand, eliminating excess and creating an air of exclusivity around everything they produce.

Nada más lindo que comprar #zapatos!♡ cuál elegirías?

Posted by Yo Amo los Zapatos on Sunday, 4 January 2015

There has been a great deal of discussion surrounding the decline in Facebook’s organic reach. But by engaging a passionate community of shoe lovers, sharing new styles, and seeking feedback, Shoe Lovers regularly reaches over 10 million unique users with a single piece of content. All this leads to one of the three most engaging Pages in the world and a unique business model that continues to see high growth and terrific results.

Shoe Lovers currently has over 30 million fans on their primary Facebook page, and there are no signs of their Fan growth rates slowing down. By focusing on community and demand, and incorporating data at every turn, they’re ready to take the next step in building a brand that competes with some of the biggest in the world. Socialbakers is excited to partner with Shoe Lovers and offer them industry-leading analytics as they get ready to take the next step in using social commerce to reinvent the way consumers think about and engage with the fashion industry.

A few quick highlights about the company:

  • In 2015, Shoe Lovers has grown their Facebook page by an average of over 21k new fans per day.
  • Shoe Lovers averages just under 50m interactions per week (47,268,876)
  • Shoe Lovers content organically reaches 18 million unique Facebook users every day

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