Promoted Post Detection: Get More From Your Social Spend

Do you know why your competition is outperforming you on social? With Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection, you can answer that question and start taking steps to fix it.

Promoted Post Detection: Get More From Your Social Spend

Promoted Post Detection is now integrated into Socialbakers Analytics, bringing the most accurate way to unlock your competitors’ paid and organic posting strategies to the best enterprise social media analytics solution on the market.

Promoted Post Detection is in Socialbakers Analytics

Today, over 27% of all posts are promoted, and brands pay for 72% of their reach. In this environment, social media managers need to know how much their competition promotes, how much their industry promotes, and how their promoted content performs in order to get ahead and stay ahead. Fail to do so, and you risk wasting money on content that isn’t making an impact.

The 3 Essential Values of Promoted Post Detection

1) Getting more from your social spend by reaching bigger (and better) audiences


Competitive benchmarking shows you what’s driving your competition’s performance, leading to more accurate benchmarks and a better understanding of where you stand in your industry and what you need to do to improve.

By looking at both organic and promoted post performances, you can find which organic content performed best and promote it at the most effective times. You will also see which promoted posts and post types were not so effective, helping you allocate resources better.

The reality is that not all content is created equal, and what you may consider mediocre content may outperform great content, especially if promoted intelligently. With Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection, you get exclusive access to more accurate benchmarking than ever.

It’s especially important to look at promoting patterns around seasonally important dates (Black Friday for retailers, sweeps and awards seasons for media, etc.). How heavily is your competition promoting posts? How does that differ from their normal routine, or from what they did the last time around? You don’t want to have the content you spent so much time and budget creating go to waste when your competitor’s’ content gets promoted above it in the News Feed.

2) Use Promoted Post Detection to justify your budget

How well is your brand using promoted posts as part of your content strategy, and where do you find yourself on our matrix? If you’re the red dot, you’ve got to take another look at the content you’re promoting. It might not be the right content, or you may be promoting it to the wrong audience or at the wrong time. Try changing a few variables to see what resonates with your audience and makes your spend more effective.The social marketing manager responsible for the green dot, meanwhile, can go to their senior management and say, “We’re getting more for our budget than anyone else. Let’s see what we can do with even more.” If that Page is an agency client, the agency can tell them, “Look at the kind of engagement we’re getting you on this budget. Retain our services. Give us even more to work with and you’ll get even more.”

And those are very good places to be.

3. For getting to know more about content

What kind of content is everyone promoting? With Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection, you can take a deep look at which posts were promoted and which were purely organic. It doesn’t just tell you more about your own success and your competitors’ successes – by being able to look at their Real-time Engagement, you can see how engagement evolved over time, and what post types work best (and when they should be promoted) for your industry.

So what makes Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection so great?

Promoted Post Detection:

  • Uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze public data to find private insights
  • Is tested against a quarter of a million new posts each month
  • Analyzes content performance for hundreds of millions of posts

It is, quite simply, the best of its kind.

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