Why You Need Listening In Your Social Media Publisher

Enterprise social media publishing tools are all about monitoring conversations and content - essential aspects of reputation management. But that’s far from all a good publishing tool should do.

Why You Need Listening In Your Social Media Publisher

Listening for Leads

There are numerous reasons to watch what social media users on multiple networks are saying about your brand. But the most obvious (and underused) one is also the most important: Lead Generation.

By bringing multiple social feeds into one place, brand managers can identify interested prospects and proactively send them to sales qualification – all within the publishing tool. One effective way to proactively find prospects is to use the listening tool to track conversations around your competition, in addition to your own brand. That way you can find your competitors’ prospects and clients – and pounce on their business.

Now that Socialbakers Builder has listening built-in, generating leads from social is easier than ever. Its tagging and account permissions allow social media managers to make sure the right prospects are matched with the right sales, support, or marketing professionals. It’s the proactive way to drive lead generation and increase customer satisfaction.

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Powering Social Customer Care

Social media listening has traditionally been seen as a reactive tool – just something to use to watch out for crises. But watching for spikes in mentions, while essential, is on it’s own a poor use for a powerful tool.

Listening to social streams via an enterprise publishing tool like Socialbakers Builder is the #1 factor in improving social customer care. Often, clients will vent their disappointments or praise on social without tagging your brand’s page or profile. Find those users and jump into the conversation, whether it is to commend a brand advocate or solve a problem – off-page social customer care is the added-value effort for customer retention.

Brands that use an enterprise publishing tool are 267% more likely to become Socially Devoted on Twitter, and 47% more likely to become Socially Devoted on Facebook.

Social customer care is a huge driver of engagement. Brand managers should be taking every opportunity possible to use social publishing and listening to drive social KPI’s – not just keep crises at bay.

Tracking Campaigns and Influencers

Publishing tools, when equipped with social listening, are a great way to get a zoomed-in look at campaign performance. While analytics tools are necessary for competitive benchmarking and examining campaign performance over time, listening allows you to see live, expressive reactions to content, as you publish it. It’s also an incredibly effective way of finding out how influential your target influencers really are!


At a certain level each organization will realize that native is not the way to go if you want to keep optimizing your social ROI. There’s just too many mistakes that can be made:

  • Posting content in the wrong language or terminology
  • Posting at the wrong time
  • Not protecting your brand from cyber-attacks by sharing passwords with several stakeholders (instead of giving simple permissions as in Socialbakers Builder)
  • Failing to catch a growing PR crisis in time
  • Failing to take care of your customers on social due to high-volume demand.

If that list makes you as anxious as it makes us, you need to seriously look into using a tool powerful enough to eliminate these problems, saving your organization time and money. Because today, marketing on social media without a listening-equipped publishing tool is like living in a home with no security system…and that’s just the beginning of it.

We are switching on the new features for Socialbakers Builder users in waves. If you would like to have listening earlier, let your account manager know!

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