Which Auto Brands Do American Facebook Users Like Most?

In this graphic, Socialbakers has everything you need to know about how Auto brands are doing on Facebook so far this year.

Which Auto Brands Do American Facebook Users Like Most?

Which Auto brand has the largest presence on Facebook among American social media users? Through the first half of 2015, Jeep was the clear winner, edging out Mustang and Chevy for a first-place finish. They had more than 2.5 million Fans by July 2015.

However, when it comes to Facebook interactions, Mercedes-Benz whizzed past the competition with more than 3 million total interactions, which meant they saw 49% more engagement than second-place Lexus. Chevrolet Performance’s creative content resulted in an impressive 1,702 interactions per 1000 Fans, beating out Nissan, which finished next with 1,276 per 1000 Fans.

Take a look to see how your favorite brand stacks up against the competition, learn the car industry benchmarks, and be sure to check out Subaru’s great post with the most interactions!

Across all these metrics, we can see that car brands are working hard to connect and engage with their audiences on Facebook.

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