Native Videos Beat Out Every Other Video Format on Twitter

Of all branded videos on Twitter, only 31% are posted natively - but those account for 67% of total video engagement.

Native Videos Beat Out Every Other Video Format on Twitter

Making the case for native even stronger, we found that posting native videos onto Twitter instead of 3rd-party videos resulted in a 216% increase in engagement for Brands. For both Media and Entertainment, that improvement was a still-notable 58%.

How to win in the year of social video

But neither Brands nor Entertainment, Celebrity, or Media accounts posted nearly enough native videos, relative to other types. Instead, they rely on videos from platforms like YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo to engage users. Third-party videos account for 83% of all videos they post to Twitter.

More than ⅔ of all videos Brands post onto Twitter are from 3rd-party sources.

But those videos create only ⅓ of all video engagement on the network.

As Socialbakers Founder Jan Rezab said on a recent episode of “The Social Media Minute”, posters need to use native content on native platforms. It’s simple, and the best way to get value from interactions on social media.

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