Brazilian Soccer Teams Show Potential for Engagement Growth

More than halfway through the Brazilian football season, which teams are winning Fans over? Socialbakers analyzed every Série A team in detail, and found a surprise winner grouped in with the traditional powerhouses.

Brazilian Soccer Teams Show Potential for Engagement Growth

In today’s Facebook marketing environment, post promotion is a must – even for big organic engagement drivers like sports teams. For the clubs of Brazil’s Série A, the key to beating out their competition is in heavy organic publishing, engagement benchmarking and post analysis, and selective promotion of their best content.

Who Won Série A?

The teams with the largest Facebook Fan bases were also the most historically successful, including two of the five teams that have never been relegated to Série B.

But those Pages rely on real-world success. For the rest of the league and for small-market or lower-profile professional sports teams anywhere, social media marketing makes a difference when it keeps Fans highly engaged and when it helps teams attract new fans. This last step requires social marketers to identify and promote their best-performing content to the right audiences at the right time – and in this regard, the biggest teams were NOT the best.

These 3 teams have the largest Fan bases in all of Série A, but most of these Fans aren’t seeing or engaging with their content.

A Surprise Winner

For the top clubs in Série A, the problem is that they aren’t promoting even their best-performing organic content. That means they’re leaving audiences less engaged, which can have an impact on everything from merchandise sales to gate receipts on match days to sponsorships.

One club has figured out the solution, however, and it’s much simpler than you’d imagine. For Sport Club do Recife, the best way to keep Fans engaged has been to post more content.

Despite being one of the smaller teams in Série A, Recife was the league’s 2nd-most active Page on Facebook.

Since March 2015, shortly before the current season began, Sport Club do Recife has increased their social publishing. They hit a new high in July 2015.

Their interactions have risen with the number of posts they’ve made.

For brand pages, this effect would probably not be happening, because brands absolutely need to promote effectively in order to reach audiences. But because sports clubs have such passionate offline fan bases, these fans don’t have to be reached in the same way brand fans do – they’ll find your content, and if there’s a lot of it being published consistently, they’ll know to look for it.

On a per-Fan basis, Recife had the most engaging Facebook Page of any Série A club.

Opportunity for Growth

But publishing more content, while a good start, is not the only solution to the engagement problem for Série A teams. After that, the best content still needs to be identified and promoted.

This month, only 5.3% of all posts made by Série A teams were promoted, and only 9% of total interactions came from these posts. And, excepting one outlier, the average team actually got fewer interactions from their promoted posts than they did their organic posts! It’s shocking just how inefficient Serie A has been in general with Facebook post promotion. On average, a Serie A team could expect to see an 89% return on their investment in Facebook post promotion last month – meaning they’d have gotten better results not promoting their posts at all.

Through promoted post benchmarking and in-depth content analysis, the teams could determine what type of content their Fans respond to the most, learn when Fans were most likely to respond, and then keep track of their success in post promotion. They’d be able to stop inefficient spend, and consistently target better audiences at better times with better content. It’s a problem unique to sports teams, but Série A has the huge, organically engaged Fan base that puts them in prime position to change that dynamic.

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