How Airlines Boost Posts for Success

#DataDriven marketers know that today every 4th post is promoted, and brands are paying for the vast majority of their reach on Facebook. In the past three months, on Facebook the airline industry accumulated over 31 million total interactions, and 48% of those interactions came from only 14% of promoted posts.

How Airlines Boost Posts for Success

We delved into the promotion strategies of the top 5 largest global airlines by audience size for the hottest travel season, summer (May – August).

Success Lies in an Optimized Organic-Paid Advertising Strategy

For our analysis we used Promoted Post Detection, one of the newest features in Socialbakers Analytics. Its industry-leading accuracy enables marketers to compare competitors’ interactions from promoted and organic posts.

Promoted Post Detection in Socialbakers Analytics

A smart promotion strategy is one in which a brand promotes posts that will amplify the impact of both their paid and organic reach. Putting money behind every post is costly and ineffective – ideally brands should be boosting only those select posts that will generate the largest volume of interactions. To see how this works in action, the graph below shows the top 5 airlines by interactions and the effectiveness of their respective promotion strategies.

Screenshot taken directly from Promoted Post Detection in Socialbakers Analytics

We can see that Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways have the most effective promotion strategy in this group. Turkish Airlines promoted 14% of their content (equal to the airline industry global average) which accounted for 90% of total interactions. In other words, their paid posts received 55× more interactions than their organic posts! Qatar Airways also promoted exceptionally well – 21% of posts were promoted and they received 68% of total interactions, which is 8× more interactions than organic posts. As impressive as this sounds, it is only one angle on a brand’s paid strategy. You need to see the whole picture to draw accurate conclusions.

We can see that KLM is promoting the fewer posts comparatively, but they are achieving the 2nd largest amount of interactions. What’s behind that success? How many interactions did both paid and organic posts receive? Promoted Post Detection shows you exactly what those numbers are.

With Promoted Post Detection in Socialbakers Analytics, our clients get a clear overview of their competitors’ paid strategies. This competitive intelligence provides the needed insight to take well-informed decisions for adjusting their own paid strategy. As a result, our clients can see increased interactions and reach – and the greater brand awareness and conversions that follow.

Top 3 Most Engaging Promoted Posts

It’s notable that both Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines promoted posts dedicated to sporting events they sponsor. We can also see that two out of the three top-performing posts were videos. This demonstrates that despite the fact that photos are the most common post type on Facebook, they aren’t the most effective. According to Socialbakers data, 27% of videos are promoted and gain 135% more organic reach than photos. If you want to create engaging videos across Facebook and YouTube, start with our 3 Tips for Coming Out on Top in the Era of Social Video.

The Takeaway

Adopting a paid strategy is critical, but if you don’t have the right tools to see a clear picture in a competitive context, it’s like throwing money into a black hole. For the first time, social marketers can get insight into the percentage of posts their competition are promoting as well as their effectiveness. Having a comprehensive overview of the best posting strategies for your industry, region and competitors can provide you with the winning combination to create an unbeatable post promotion strategy for your own brand.

Get your hands on the most accurate way to unlock your competitors’ paid and organic posting strategies with Promoted Post Detection! Really, it’s the best enterprise social media analytics solution on the market.

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