Next Stage for Socialbakers

A warm welcome to Robert S. Lang, the new CEO of Socialbakers!

Next Stage for Socialbakers

In two months, Socialbakers will be seven years old — which, interestingly enough, is the same age to the month as my son Mikulas. This week, Mikulas had his first day of school. It was a new moment for me seeing him off at the school gate — an experience I never had before, but one I knew was coming.

Today, we’re having a similar moment at Socialbakers, the company I co-founded in 2008 with Jiri Voves, Martin Homolka, and Lukas Maixner. It’s not our first day of school, but it is our first day with Robert Lang, who we’re welcoming to the Socialbakers family to run the business as our new CEO.

As a founder, I think it’s important to recognize what areas you’re strong in, and what areas you need help in. When you bring people together with skills that complement each other, it’s a really amazing thing.

We’ve been searching for the perfect person to lead Socialbakers for just about a year now. Along the way, I met a bunch of brilliant folks. But the first time I met Robert, I knew he was the right person for the job.

We’ve had our eyes on Robert for a while now. Robert comes to us from Criteo, where he did an awesome job scaling the company globally. Criteo went public not too long ago, and Robert had a huge hand in the company’s growth. He has an unbeatable track record of scaling sales and marketing teams at a number of unique tech companies. He’s exactly the person we need to take Socialbakers to new heights.

In an interview with Business Insider about the news, Jim Edwards asked if this was an emotional moment for me. Of course it is! It’s an emotional moment for any founder to hand over the reigns of their company to a new CEO. But amidst the nerves over the specifics of exactly what will happen, I know this is the right move for our Socialbakers family.

As for me, I’m not going anywhere — I’ll be taking on the role of Executive Chairman here at Socialbakers. I’ll be focused on our vision, developing our product, supporting our amazing clients, continuing to put on world-class events, and sharing our research and thought leadership with the industry. We have a lot of work to do to educate marketers in the years to come.

Thanks for being with us along this journey. We’re excited to start our next chapter with Robert on board, and we hope you are too.



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