How Agencies Win Clients with Socialbakers Analytics

Socialbakers has made the one tool every agency needs to win new business, nurture client relationships, and ace budget reviews.

How Agencies Win Clients with Socialbakers Analytics

Whether facing prospective clients, new clients, or longtime clients, agencies have to be ready to show immediate value in what they do. This is especially true for media agencies – when you’re responsible for buying your clients’ ad space, nothing matters more than reporting a solid data-backed ROI. In light of the massive agency review that’s been happening over the last two years, and shrinking ad spend forecasts, the value of ad spend is going to be scrutinized more than ever.

Socialbakers developed Promoted Post Detection (PPD), a tool that gives deep insight into the frequency and efficacy of your and your competition’s paid and organic posts, specifically with agency social managers in mind. From strengthening pitches to building client relationships to acing budget reviews, here’s how knowing the value of your social content helps you get reportable value for your agency.

See what PPD can do for your agency

Show prospective clients where you could have helped them save money

…and then demonstrate that value.

You want to sell your services – so step into your prospects’ shoes. In light of the recent turnover in media business, brands shopping for a new media agency are focusing more than ever on how they can ensure their money is getting them more while they spend less. Without PPD and competitive analytics, an agency would use native measurement tools to show their prospective client owned social data, pointing out spikes in reach and interactions. But these are things any good marketing team would already know about their brand, and don’t offer a scalable path to improvement.

Where prospective clients really see value is in getting an inside look at their top competitors’ content and understanding why it performs well. Show them every detail of how effectively they and their competition are spending ad money inside Socialbakers Analytics. Your agency can group Pages for each pitch and give clients quick, digestible overviews of how far their and their competitors’ ad budgets are getting them.

PPD shows you which posts rose above the rest.

You can also show them specific examples of the most valuably promoted content – and see which organic posts are models to repeat and promote later on.

Air New Zealand’s most-shared posts were a nicely promoted partner video with the New Zealand All Blacks, the national rugby team, and an inspirational organic post.

Among other things, you can use their competitor’s content strategy to demonstrate a clear, immediate plan to improve performance.

Comfort Clients With Real-Time Performance Analysis

….and build trust in your business relationships.

PPD adds value after the pitch as well. Once the prospect becomes a client, PPD-equipped agencies are able to keep the client involved by showing them how their spend lifts each piece of content – and how that compares to competitors posts over the same time.

Agencies can observe how posts engage users in real-time. This is one of the most powerful ways to relate your strategy to clients, and shows how your post boosting decisions are valuable for them.

By comparing Real-time Interactions for your client’s best content from

  1. Before they signed with your agency
  2. After they signed with your agency
  3. … And their competitors’ best content throughout

you can demonstrate quantified value immediately. Nothing helps build trust between your agency and your brand client faster than being able to show them exactly what their social spend is buying.

Demonstrate the Value of a Bigger Budget with PPD

…to retain existing business.

But the most valuable moment for an agency to use PPD is during budget reviews. In such a tough climate for agencies, it’s more important than ever to show your clients that you are accountable and bring them more value than other agencies, and that you can show them what their budget is buying them at every turn.

And with the most accurate post detection tool on the market built into the world’s best analytics software, Socialbakers has all you need to pitch new business, keep client communication strong, and retain existing business using clear, reportable value.

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