Ramadan on Social: Lessons For Special Event Marketing

We analyzed one of the most significant periods for increased demand in the Middle East on social media - Ramadan - and looked at the posting strategies from the lead-up through the conclusion of the holiday to discover the best social marketing techniques any brand can use for special events.

Ramadan on Social: Lessons For Special Event Marketing

Even though consumer behavior is curbed from dusk-to-dawn fasting hours, a new study suggests that consumers tend to spend more money during Ramadan – 57% of the 3,288 respondents claimed they save throughout the year for shopping during Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. Social presents both challenges and unique opportunities to influence the consumer journey during special sales and holiday-related events. We looked at 213 of the best-performing brands across the Automotive, FMCG and Retail industries from Saudi Arabia and the UAE to find out how they approached social to connect with consumers.

We analyzed their posts on Facebook from two weeks before the start of the holiday (lasting from June 18 to July 17 this year) through to three days after Ramadan. Here are some key insights:

  • A paid strategy is critical during sales events – the two top retail brands promoted 11% of posts from which they received over 50× more interactions on average compared to organic posts
  • Photos were the most engaging post type, but videos are gaining momentum
  • Pay attention to, and gain inspiration from, your competitors’ content
  • Identify the best-performing organic posts (by high reach and engagement) in real-time, and promote them quickly to maximize your reach

Content Strategies for Special Events

When planning your content strategy around special events, it can be beneficial to create a mix of both holiday-related content and sales offers. At the end of the day, the objective is to make your content shareable (when someone shares your post it reflects the highest form of brand endorsement) and earn a resulting increase in brand awareness. People naturally want to identify with brands that share similar values to them, so holiday-related content that brings your product into the fore will resonate well with your audience.

Photos were the most engaging and common post type for FMCG brands, yet videos had the second-highest share of content created and interactions received. (Find out 3 tips for coming out on top in the era of social video here!)

In an environment where every 4th post is promoted and brands are paying for the majority of their reach, you need to understand which share of your competitor’s interactions come from paid posts and which from organic. Then, you can craft a clever promotion plan by boosting the posts that will amplify the impact of both their paid and organic reach, with helpful insight into your competitor’s promotion strategies.

Using Promoted Post Detection, one of the newest features in Socialbakers Analytics, to analyze the promotion strategies from the retail industry, we found that the two most effective brands experienced over 50× more interactions from promoted posts compared to organic posts, surpassing the industry benchmark of 12× more interactions.

With so much competition, it’s imperative to have an effective social strategy to generate the right amount of hype to boost dealership and online traffic during special events. To learn more, check out the tactics behind the top-performing brands in the auto, FMCG, and retail industry during Ramadan in our latest studies:

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