Asia-Pacific Social Customer Care at All Time High on Facebook

A closer look at how brands and countries in Asia-Pacific have evolved their social customer care in the past year.

Asia-Pacific Social Customer Care at All Time High on Facebook

Bangladeshi Telecom companies are the superstars of social customer care in APAC, but it’s not only them that drive amazing numbers in the region. This time last year, brands were already Socially Devoted on Facebook in the APAC region, answering on average 67% of all questions posed to them (our Socially Devoted mark is 65% of Question Response Rate). Fast forward to now, and that number has swelled to 82%.

Great results and it doesn’t stop there. Apart from a fluke jump in Q1 2015, Question Response Time has dropped from about 50 hours to 30 hours on average. This figure takes into account all brands in the region – a Socially Devoted brand can answer within 10 minutes on average, despite a high volume of questions.

Bangladeshi brands stay a strong number one, with higher response rate this year. As the top 10 cranks up numbers overall, Indian brands have slipped off the list entirely and made space for Hong Kong. Indonesian brands have grown exponentially, meanwhile, now answering 84% of all questions instead of 56% this time last year.

Telkomsel, an Indonesian telecom brand and Socialbakers Analytics and Builder user, stays number one in Social Devotion for the second quarter running in the Asia-Pacific region (can you guess how they do it?). In Q2 of 2015 they received over 30,000 questions and answered 99.6% of them with an average response time of 11 minutes. What an amazing marketing point for them, to be able to tell their prospective customers that if they ever have an issue, they can always expect an answer on Facebook within that time!

Telecom brands in general have a high stake in creating good social customer care. This time last year they were the most Socially Devoted industry in the APAC region, and they still are today, with a whopping average QRR of 95%! This while the amount of questions posed to them has doubled in the past year, and response time has significantly dropped.

We’ve long been urging brands to take care of their social customer care, and it looks like brands are listening! Pressure’s on if you’re a Bangladeshi telecom brand but also in other industries and countries. Efficient social customer care shows your customers that their needs are truly important to you and that you are listening to them.

Whether you’re working with an agency on social customer care or have an in-house team, you need a tool to interact with colleagues, assign tasks and make sure you don’t miss a question. Try out Socialbakers Builder and see how aggregating all user questions in one tool and interacting with your colleagues on answering their questions makes it much easier to provide top-notch social customer care.

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