Kiwi Confectioners Do Well (But Not Good Enough) on Social Media

Whittaker’s Chocolate and TipTop Ice Cream, two of New Zealand’s top confectionary brands, are leaving value on the table with their social marketing.

Kiwi Confectioners Do Well (But Not Good Enough) on Social Media

Whittaker’s Chocolate has been known lately for its combination acts – first, famously, with the Lorde-powered phenomena of Lewis Road Creamery’s Chocolate Milk, and now, with TipTop Ice Cream for #JellyTipJuly.

The limited-edition product sold incredibly well, with all 850,000 jelly-tipped chocolate bars produced shipped out to retailers within one week. But by using Promoted Post Detection in Socialbakers Analytics, we found that only Whittaker’s took advantage of that momentum.

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Through several well-shared organic posts, Whittaker’s posted their most-engaging month of the year.

In general, TipTop promotes their Facebook content more frequently than Whittaker’s – for the year, they’ve basically promoted half of all their posts, most of which (as you can see above) still hovered around their average level of engagement.

While both benefited from each others’ company, each brand had one hole in their social media strategies:

  • Whittaker’s could have monitored, and then promoted, their top content.
  • TipTop should have set minimum standards for organic engagement, and then have promoted only the content that outperformed their standards.

These changes would have gotten Whittaker’s more value for their money, and would have saved TipTop some of the expensive interactions they got on posts that may just as well have been published organically.

Sweet Value on Instagram

Both confectioners could find marketing solutions in Instagram. Of the two, only TipTop has a presence on the world’s most-engaging social network, but it has a significantly smaller audience there (811 Followers) than it does on Facebook (200,000+ Fans). Since Instagram offers completely organic reach for brands, TipTop could find additional value in not only promoting more selectively, but in migrating their Facebook audience to Instagram, in part by posting Instagram content on Facebook. They could use engagement on Instagram as a benchmark for posting to Facebook, as well – since Facebook posts perform on a declining scale as time passes, using Instagram as a source of organic benchmarking would work well.

TipTop is starting to post more on Instagram, which is great, but they need more Followers in order to make those posts have the impact they could.

Whittaker’s would benefit from the same strategy – but first, they need to have an Instagram account at all.

Analytics Insights Save Marketers Money

Neither of the situations here are unique – so many major global and regional brands market inefficiently on social, leaving value on the table and spending too much money for too few results. With Socialbakers Analytics and Promoted Post Detection, social marketers can get more for their budget, saving time and money with quick, easy analyses. See what it can do for your page today.

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