How to Get More Value From Social Ads

To test our new tool and see how much value it could generate, we redistributed our ad spend after analyzing our campaigns with Ads in Socialbakers Solutions. Here’s how we got our great results.

How to Get More Value From Social Ads

Your social budget absolutely needs to outperform its value – that’s how you can establish a competitive advantage in a field that’s always changing.

But when social media managers try to track ad spend with just native tools, they’re not able to easily report changes over time in key metrics, and can’t quickly compare results for different campaigns. With Ads in Socialbakers social media analytics, every social media advertising solution is available in one place.

We Increased Our Own ROI Using Ads in Socialbakers Solutions

For a clear case of how Ads in Socialbakers Solutions can make your campaign spending more effective, just look at Socialbakers’ own account.

Our social media manager Hugo wanted to optimize a campaign we ran from August 1st to August 17th. A week into the campaign, Hugo used Ads in Socialbakers Solutions to try and optimize the campaign’s spending.

By looking at each day of the campaign, he found that Saturday was by far our least cost-effective day.

Ads in Socialbakers Solutions shows you average CPC and CPM over time for quick takeaways.

So Hugo retargeted and optimized the campaign for week 2. The changes were incredibly clear and easy to see.

Average CPC dropped from $0.53 to $0.28 after Hugo used Socialbakers Ads to redistribute the campaign’s budget to the most effective days.

After Monday, August 10th, our spend dropped drastically – but the clicks kept coming now that the ad was optimized.

Instead of having to go through spreadsheets from our data in native tools, we were able to clearly see campaign results as they happened, helping us get the results we needed.

Socialbakers Gets You More For Your Budget

Your team shouldn’t spend hours going through spreadsheets for insights buried under stacks of numbers. If instead you want all to easily and quickly get summaries of all your ad activities, notifications about patterns and discrepancies in ad spend and performance, and actionable suggestions for improving your ad performance, your social team needs to be working with Ads in Socialbakers Solutions.

If you’re running multiple campaigns (maybe even for multiple ad accounts) with different ads, target audiences, and objectives, it can be pretty tough to get optimization right. That’s why we designed Ads in Socialbakers Solutions to produce in-depth, high-level ads analysis.

For social media managers and agency marketers, this new integration is the most valuable tool on the market. By bringing organic post engagement and deep ad analysis into one comprehensive tool, Socialbakers Solutions makes drawing insights and optimizing social strategies more effective than ever.

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