Citroën and Nestlé Lead the Way on Facebook in Brazil

By creating outstanding content and committing to social customer care, Citroën and Nestlé brands have become market leaders throughout Brazil.

Citroën and Nestlé Lead the Way on Facebook in Brazil

In Brazil, brands have just recently surpassed our 65% Question Response Rate (QRR) benchmark for social customer care. In addition to being Socially Devoted for the first time, Brazil collectively improved more than any other country in our latest Socially Devoted study.

Its QRR improved by 8% and average Question Response Time (QRT) dropped by 814 minutes – that’s a staggering 13 hours and 32 minutes!

All of this means that the country’s industries are taking a consumer-centric approach, and are dedicating their resources to meeting Fans where they live: on social. Our data shows that 8 out of Brazil’s 10 largest industries respond to more than half of the questions they receive on social, and 3 of those industries (FMCG Food, Retail Food, and Finance) are Socially Devoted.

Citroën, A Model For Brazilian Auto

Though the Auto industry generally outperforms global customer care standards – indeed, in the rest of LATAM, the Auto industry has an average 67% QRR – it is one of Brazil’s weakest industries in terms of social care, with a meager 38% QRR and a QRT that is more than 7 hours slower than the country’s average.

But not all brands in the industry are following suit. Some, like Citroën, are paving the way for the rest to follow.

Citroën has transformed their social media pages into sharply effective tools for assisting customers, engaging Fans, and attracting new audiences – all by using straightforward tactics in content production, customer care, and promotion.

On their Instagram page, Citroën tests their most creative content for a low-risk, high-reward approach. The results have perfectly suited that strategy – since beginning a cool series of connected images in September, growth has exploded. Before publishing this content, Citroën averaged just 249 new Followers each week. In fewer than three weeks since, growth has jumped by 6,000 new Followers.

On Facebook, Citroën promotes 96% of their content. To minimize the risk in their spend, they found a content formula that consistently works with their audience – a fun, colorful, not-too-busy image that highlights the car and its low lease price.

Conheça o compacto premium mais querido do Brasil e garanta duas passagens para Nova York com a promoção “Comprou,…

Posted by Citroën on Thursday, September 24, 2015

This division of labor across social networks smartly uses the most effective and intuitive function of each to accomplish the brand’s goals. Instagram works best as a creative lab, while Facebook should be used to respond to Fans via both customer care and carefully promoted posts.

How Nestlé Stands Tall Across Industries

In some of Brazil’s most competitive industries, Nestlé brands still stand out.

Nestlé brands responded more often and faster than their competitors.

In addition to their attentive social customer care, Nestlé brands also promoted their posts selectively and effectively, only boosting the best-performing organic content with a portion of their social spend.

No matter how good the industry standard for effective post promotion is, Nestlé brands outperform it.

Across the board, Nestlé brands are some of Brazil’s most effective content marketers.

Elements of their success are visible in each brand’s content. Nesfit’s most effective posts showcase valuable FMCG Food strategies, like focusing on a combination of product and lifestyle – they show happy, fit people interacting with (and so tying their happiness and fitness to) Nesfit bars. Nespresso recognizes the same providence of result over product. The Nespresso machine itself hides in backgrounds and corners of their posts, while the delicious results are front and center..

Iced Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of life! Tell us what your daily Nespresso ritual is. How do you enjoy that first home-brewed cup of the day? #NespressoBIY

Posted by Nespresso on Thursday, September 3, 2015
Spot the Nespresso, if you can.

At each turn, they find a visual formula that best engages their target audiences, and only then do they promote – leading to excellent Post Efficiency Index scores.

To learn more about what Citroën and Nestlé are doing to lead their industries in the Brazilian market, head to Socialbakers Engage in Sâo Paolo, where both brands will be sharing exclusive content marketing stories.

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