Setting Up Your Content Feeds Dashboard

Having a dashboard with feeds of social content posted around and about your brand is valuable, but it can be overwhelming. Here’s what to focus on and how to filter to get the best out of your social media management tool.

Setting Up Your Content Feeds Dashboard

It’s true – real-time feeds of aggregated social media posts about your brand(s) can feel a bit like staring into the green-on-black Matrix code. So, how can you keep a full view of the conversations happening across platforms and maintain your sanity?

We recommend our Socialbakers Solutions users – and other enterprise social media management tool users – to think of social media conversations in terms of three categories: your own content, your competition’s content, and fan/audience/user-generated posts.

It may seem obvious, but monitoring your own content can be quite challenging, especially with larger, more dispersed organizations. You need to stay on-brand in every language, in every region, on every platform – including your dark or hidden posts.

In addition to looking at your own content, tracking your competition’s content is important because you can gain a lot by knowing what works for them, how often and when they post, and to pick up on any news that they’re publicizing.

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Then there’s user-generated content. If someone asks you a question, be sure to answer and answer in a meaningful and quick manner – social customer care has become a consumer expectation. You also want to be able to listen in on what users are writing about your brand, competition, and how they’re using your campaign hashtags and important keywords.

While you need an aggregation tool that catches every important conversation happening around the brand, you also don’t want to be overloaded with content. Filter your dashboard by labels, statuses, whom the pages were assigned to, existing filters, time range, content-types, interactions and more.

This is good if you’re looking into creating more video content, and want to set up a separate feed for competition’s videos that get a certain amount of interactions. It’s good to filter by status, so you can see all fan questions that have already been dealt with, and all those that haven’t. You can set up your dashboard so you have a separate feed for direct competition and one for motivational competition, or regional and global competition.

The opportunities are endless. So stay on top of all the important conversations happening around your brand and make your life easier by customizing your view!

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