Socialbakers Innovations Speed Up Social Marketing

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Socialbakers Innovations Speed Up Social Marketing

We have redoubled our focus on helping brands and marketers find real value in social media by crafting three innovative solutions.

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News Feed Pulse

Imagine not being able to check the morning traffic report before a commute to work: you’d have no idea how much traffic to expect on the roads, you wouldn’t know when to leave the house, and you’d be totally unprepared for any surprises during your commute.

That’s how managing a social media page is without News Feed Pulse, our new solution that operates just like a real-time traffic report with a twofold approach: it monitors your competitors’ current content, and how engaging that content is in real-time — and then algorithmically calculates the amount of upcoming noise you can expect from them. Essentially, News Feed Pulse shows you current content traffic from your competitors and then shows you an extremely accurate portrait of how that traffic will change.

In one screen, you’ll see:

  • All the content posted by your competitors in the last 24 hours, as well as each post’s individual hourly performance and the engagement it received
  • Which competitor posts were promoted (paid) and which were organic, along with whether there’s been a spike in paid content during a particular timeframe
  • The recent top-performing content across your entire industry
  • The amount of content you can expect from your competitors in the hours to come

Ads in Socialbakers Analytics

Your team shouldn’t need to spend hours going through spreadsheets for ad insights. We developed Ads in Socialbakers Analytics to give you easy, quick summaries of all your ad activities instead. In Ads, you’ll not only get notifications about patterns and discrepancies in ad spend and performance; you’ll also see actionable suggestions for improving your ad performance for every campaign you run, with insights down to the ad.

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Listening in Socialbakers Analytics

Integrating a social media ad tool into Socialbakers Analytics added a thorough breakdown of paid media analysis into the toolbox. With Listening now integrated as well, marketers can track every aspect of a campaign across paid, earned, and owned media.

With Listening, brands can keep detailed track of earned media for using across departments. Social marketers can track campaign performance in specific target markets, even across specific regions, to increase share of voice. In addition to making campaigns smarter and reporting more effective, it makes meeting potential new brand ambassadors easier and more reliable than ever.

And Listening isn’t just a marketing tool. Social media managers can use Listening to safely prevent damaging crises before they get out of hand, while sales can find new leads, build relationships, and increase the brand’s positioning in different markets.

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Socialbakers Innovates

These tools are all incredibly valuable for marketers around the world – but they’re also only steps. Our goal is to remain ahead of the market, and be able to constantly deliver incomparable value to social marketers. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

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