How The Best Adult Beverage Marketers Won The Summer

Beefeater Gin engaged Facebook users almost six times as much as a normal US Alcohol brand this summer, but they only promoted about a fifth of their content. Meanwhile, Chivas and Absolut gained nearly 20,000 combined new Fans over June, July, and August. We used Socialbakers Analytics to find out how these brands managed to dominate the US Alcohol market in different ways this summer.

How The Best Adult Beverage Marketers Won The Summer

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In a climate where paid promotion on Facebook is no longer optional (it’s essential), the best strategy often involves regularly posting content and promoting a small portion of it (usually no more than about 25%).

Beefeater’s US page did the best with the fewest resources – instead of focusing on building up their Fan base, they judiciously promoted their best content, like this post, which included mixer ingredients and called for audience participation.

A beautiful bar is essential to a successful summer garden party – especially one that takes advantage of the citrus season. What ingredients do you like to mix with #BeefeaterGin?

Posted by Beefeater Gin London on Friday, 31 July 2015

Their promotion strategy meant they were engaging an audience much larger than their small Fan base would suggest they could.

What’s more, chances are they didn’t break the bank in doing it – each one of their smartly-promoted posts was boosted at its absolute peak potential, and was done so progressively that if it stopped being effective at any point, they could slow their spend or stop promoting it entirely. Using the Realtime Interactions chart available in our social media analytics tool, Socialbakers Analytics, we found out how one of their posts engaged audiences over time.

Instead of promoting this post in one blast, they promoted it in waves, waiting to see results before they continued to promote it.

By taking a cautious, data-driven approach to each piece of content they promoted, they were able to maximize their marketing potential and make their social ad spend count.

Pernod Brands Trumped The Market

Pernod Ricard brands rode this effective content strategy to success across metrics on Facebook. Comparing their results to the typical Alcohol brand’s US Page, the difference is stark.

Of course, it all comes down to effective post promotion. Beefeater US didn’t just stand out against other Pernod brands – it is effectively the model for American alcohol marketers.

Beefeater US promoted their best content, and then saw it perform 98× better than it’s organic content. Now that’s real value.

American alcohol marketers promote well in general – promoted posts tend to get over 10× the interactions organic posts do, and the industry promotes cautiously (only 18.7%) on a whole. But there’s more to it, from finding out what makes up quality content to setting benchmarks for promotion that you’ll be sure will work for your team, that can take your marketing over the top.

The summer days may be long, and the season short, but it’s taking advantage of social marketing opportunities like this that make it the difference between building an effective brand presence on social media, and missing a golden opportunity.

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