The world’s most engaging Facebook pages is every month bringing you an overview of the most engaging Facebook pages

The world’s most engaging Facebook pages

Take a look at the most engaging Facebook pages (in August ’11) from each of those countries, which are ordered based on their biggest Engagement Rate. As you may notice at the first sight, these sites are not the biggest ones in terms of fans population. It means that having the most fans is actually not the most important thing when earning their engagement!

What is indeed important to raise the engagement rate is the wise and interesting content that those Facebook pages are able to publish. In our recent article, made a research of what types of posts work the best on the Facebook pages. Our finding was that in quantitative measures it is the link and in qualitative measures is would be albums (photo). And here it is! Brazilian Chocolate brand Kopenhagen is leading the numbers in August based on their appealing visuals!

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