What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Instagram

Instagrammers share stunning images and videos from every part of the world, and brands are continually migrating to the app to engage with them. Our data masters dived into the numbers from Q3 to find out the big picture on what’s driving social media marketing trends right now on Instagram - and how the most engaging industries like fashion are succeeding on the platform.

What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Instagram

Instagram has become the dominant force for branded visual storytelling – heck, NASA even gave it the exclusive of the first-ever flyby of Pluto! As a further sign of its popularity, over the last quarter Instagram surpassed the 400 million users mark. Not only is that a huge milestone, but they’ve grown their community by 33% – that’s 100 million new users since last December!

Learn the Instagram Secrets of Fashion Brands.

Not only is the app insanely popular, but to compare, Instagram is far more engaging than Twitter! If your goal is to stimulate engagement by captivating audiences visually to increase brand awareness, this is the place to be. (After all, engagement drives website conversions.)

The fashion industry generates more interactions than any other industry on Instagram. According to our research, over the first half of 2015 fashion brands received 4.6× more interactions, 4.6× more followers, and added 4.4× more followers on Instagram than other brands.

Fashion designers and brands have taken advantage of the platform for live events, and nowhere is this more evident than during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Check out our new study to see how fashion brands managed to turn heads on social and the take away lessons that can be adopted by any industry during a major event.

Snapshot of Instagram Stats

Media and Brands are the most engaging categories of accounts on the platform; just this past quarter these segments received more than 120 million total interactions. It should come as no surprise that Images are the most common post type, accounting for 87% – 94% of content. Increasingly, both brands and media are utilizing photo captions for some longer-form storytelling and to share the story behind the image. 13% of brands and 11% of media use between 76 –100 characters.

Tip > Post photos and videos that tell a story and feel free to provide context. Our numbers on text length show that Instagram followers are very willing to read about a how a post came to be – so use that space well!

We’ve said it before – Instagram is increasingly becoming like a high-end digital magazine. If you want to succeed on the platform, it’s important you have the right tools. With Instagram analytics in Socialbakers Analytics , you’ll see how you compare with your competitors, learn the tricks of Instagram’s engagement leaders and apply them to your strategy to complement your cross-platform social media performance.

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