Six Reasons You Need Promoted Post Detection Today

In our core Socialbakers Analytics, we have Promoted Post Detection which we launched back in July. We’ve been thrilled to hear that many of our clients have been getting a lot of value from it. What are they learning from Promoted Post Detection and how are they using it every day?

Six Reasons You Need Promoted Post Detection Today

It goes without saying that being able to uncover the paid media strategy of your competitors – thanks to big data and science – is extremely powerful. (See below for some of the best ways to use Promoted Post Detection.) At Socialbakers we have one of the most extensive social data sets in the world – monitoring nearly 10 million social profiles and with historical engagement data going back 2 years for promoted posts and 5 years for all profiles.

We are able to put that robust data to work like nobody else with features like Promoted Post Detection. We wrote the Promoted Post Detection algorithm to analyze the content performance patterns for millions of posts, and had it running in test mode for over a year prior to releasing it. This is part of our effort to get more deeply into data science, and it’s just the beginning in our journey of content and strategic optimization.

Here are six reasons why you should use Promoted Post Detection today:

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1. What percentage of posts do competitors promote? – Understand which of your competitors are in the PAID cluster. Who is investing heavily into their posts? When are they investing? What kind of content are they promoting, and is it working with their audience? All of this should feed back into your social planning and content strategy.

2. Promotion strategy – Post promotion isn’t constant, some pages choose to promote all content, some choose to promote only a select few posts, react to trends, and plan for major local or global events.

3. Create arguments for management to increase your social budget – You can see if your competition are spending heavily using paid interactions as a sort of public indicator. Are your competitors publishing more paid content and winning the battle for overall interactions (e.g. if a competitor has 2× more paid public interactions you can infer they’re spending more). Use these insights to make a compelling case to your bosses for increasing your social advertising budget.

4. First of a kind competitive benchmarking – Thanks to the largest data-set in the industry, and as a standard in every Socialbakers feature – You can compare the % of your paid posts or interactions against any combination of industry, country, also a combination of industry & country – so you see where you stand in relation to your competition when it comes to promotion.

5. Custom comparisons – Create a custom folder of your pages using our “Labels” feature, and compare labels and folders of pages against each other.

6. Analyze longer periods – Make sure you don’t only use 30-day reporting as there is a smaller percentage of posts being analyzed. We recommend looking at 90-day scenarios to get a more complete picture.


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