Lessons in Social Customer Care From The World’s Busiest Industry

Using exclusive Socialbakers data, we dove into 16 of the world’s largest Telecom brands’ social pages to break down how fast they respond to different kinds of posts and tweets - getting rare insight into social customer care in the industry that does it more and better than anyone else - and found lessons that can be applied by any brand in any industry.

Lessons in Social Customer Care From The World’s Busiest Industry

For brands in nearly every industry, offering top-notch customer service via social media is a HUGE value play. Do you know how your Page compares to your industry and competition? And is your brand ready to prioritize social customer care to make sure that no customer who comes to your page leaves unhappy?

To help you see how some of the busiest customer caretakers in the world answer questions and posts on social media, we looked at the biggest brands in Telecom, which receives the most demand for social customer care of any industry according to our Socially Devoted data. We dove in to find out what type of questions its top brands receive, and to see how quickly they responded to different types of them.

Where do your customers go for help?

In our sample, 58% of the people who went to Twitter wrote to brands there for assistance, and 55% of the people who went to Facebook went just to talk, without wanting help.

How do Pages talk back?

Responses varied from brand to brand, but by looking at average response times for eight categories, you can see a general picture of how the biggest Telecoms treat customer questions and feedback.

We broke our categories up into four sections, and applied each to both questions and general feedback. Using dynamic sentence recognition, we were able to divide the 600 randomly-selected mentions (for Twitter) and user posts (for Facebook) into the following types:

  • Related
  • Positively Related
  • Negatively Related
  • Unrelated

Within that spectrum, some brands clearly did better than others.

These were the most responsive Telecom Twitter pages, taken from a random 600-tweet sample for each brand. In this chart, the blue portion of each bar shows how many of the 600 tweets were Answered Questions, the green portion shows how many were Answered Statements, and the grey portion were Unanswered Tweets (Questions or Statements).

What you can do to master social customer care

Our study revealed that the preference people showed for each type of network can address the way brands design their social customer care programs; Twitter is “the help network”, where quick responses are a must, while Facebook is still an engagement platform, where you can shape your brand image. In other words, Twitter is primarily for individual customer service, and secondarily for the brand-boosting that having solid customer care creates; Facebook, meanwhile, is the opposite.

Any brand can optimize their social customer service using social media data to help use resources effectively, and save money while satisfying customers in the process. With a social media management tool like Socialbakers Builder, you can neatly manage and filter all customer response, across platforms, in one place, and make excellent social customer care your standard.

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