You Can Now Track Facebook Reactions in Socialbakers!

Only hours after Facebook added the Reactions metrics into its public API, we've become the first company to integrate them across Analytics - meaning that more Facebook Pages can now be analyzed in more detail on Socialbakers than they can anywhere else.

You Can Now Track Facebook Reactions in Socialbakers!

Now our clients can see the different ways Facebook users reacted to any post, giving clearer insight than ever into just how audiences react to your and your competitions’ posts. Do different posts excite, amuse, sadden? These answers offer so much more insight into content performance than a simple Like ever could.

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Reactions at the individual post level.


In your Facebook Dashboard, you can easily organize and track summaries of different Reaction types for any Page.


This shows the Evolution of Reactions over time, which can be calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With the Distribution of Reactions option, Socialbakers Analytics also breaks down how Page and content engagement was distributed across Reaction types. And the best part? It’s easy and incredibly quick to turn into a report to share with anyone in your organization.

As users continue to adapt to using Facebook Reactions, this textured look into audience behavior is only going to become more valuable.

And with Facebook Reactions integrated into Socialbakers Analytics, your ability to run competitive comparisons is now deeper and more nuanced than ever.

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