Socialbakers Launches Predictive Analytics – The Future of Data-Driven Social Marketing

Thanks to the power of predictive analytics, your Facebook content challenges are a thing of the past. Stop merely analyzing and start acting in real-time with Socialbakers Performance Optimization.

Socialbakers Launches Predictive Analytics – The Future of Data-Driven Social Marketing

Content is the foundation of social media marketing, and no matter the objective, every brand wants to create content that works. Now you can create, publish, promote and track the value of your content like never before!

We’re working with over 2,500 clients and we’ve seen that even some of the world’s most iconic and successful brands are facing a major content challenge on Facebook. If any of the questions below sound familiar, you may be in the same boat:

  • What do I need to know to create good content? What does it look like, and how does that look in terms of interactions and reach?
  • Once I’ve created the message, how do I deliver it effectively and ensure my audience will see it? When is the optimal time to publish to gain the most reach and visibility?
  • In terms of interactions, which content pieces are worth promoting to amplify their impact – without breaking the bank? 
  • How do I shift from only reporting reach and engagement metrics to demonstrating ROI, and how social media is driving website visits and conversions to stakeholders? 

We’ve built Performance Optimization to answer these questions. It’s a comprehensive solution that ensures our clients excel at the four most critical aspects for a successful Facebook content strategy:

  1. Continuously create engaging content that will retain and attract new audiences 
  2. Gain maximum organic visibility and interactions for it
  3. Make more informed and efficient budget decisions around content promotion
  4. Effectively demonstrate social ROI to stakeholders 

See how predictive analytics is changing social marketing

How do we do it? We add a layer of predictive analytics on top of our industry-leading social media data set and the dozens of innovations our data scientists have pioneered. The result? No more guesswork, just better content and clearer decisions about investing in it.

“With Performance Optimization from Socialbakers, we can now get instant grading of the content we create so we can react immediately to organic content that’s showing tremendous potential and allocate promotion investment to get better results.”

Rory Wilmer, Director of Publishing & Social Media, Mustard

Here’s How It Works

1. Get inspired by the best-performing content

To create engaging content, you need to look beyond your own performance. Become aware of what’s working with your audiences, what your competitors are doing, and what’s trending in your industry and region or around the world. That’s where content inspiration comes into play. 


To help you draw inspiration for your content creation, we’re opening our deep Facebook Page and Twitter profile dataset! Looking for inspiring content becomes as simple and intuitive as any search you’re used to: just type in keywords and filter through top-performing posts by content type. You’ll never be at a loss for what to post again, and have the insight you need to create content that will resonate with your audience every time.

2. Maximize your visibility and reach with perfect publishing timing

On Facebook, the timing of your post has a direct impact on how well your content will perform. Knowing when to publish is difficult; it requires understanding your audience’s behavior, your competitive environment, your content posting strategy, and that of your competition, and chances are you pour over charts to come to a conclusion.


Say goodbye to countless hours of tedious chart-studying. Our data scientists created a proprietary algorithm that does it all for you: giving you actionable recommendations for the best time to post and showing you the expected improvement in visibility from publishing at each recommended time.

3. Risk-free content promotion (and no more wasted budget)

While 80% of brands promoted an average of 20% of their content on Facebook in 2015, even some of the biggest brands are doing it wrong! Too often content is promoted immediately after it’s been posted. This is a mistake! 

If you’re promoting content before you know how it will perform organically, you may be promoting bad content instead of good content – and promoting bad content comes with a steep price: 100% more for clicks (CPC), nearly 20% more for impressions (CPM), all while attracting 4x more negative feedback.


Try out Performance Prediction on your page!

Socialbakers Performance Optimization identifies your top-performing posts based on their organic interactions and assigns them an intuitive grade (from A+ to D) based on their predicted future performance. This helps you allocate your budget more effectively and maximize your performance by instantly improving the reach and engagement each dollar you spend on promotion returns. 

4. Track how your Facebook content performance impacts wider digital KPIs 

Incorporating all of the steps above into your content planning can enhance your strategy, but you’ve got to track your performance and report its impact in a meaningful way. 


Social media marketing is growing to become one of the most relevant traffic sources for website conversions. Our Performance Optimization solution integrates social data and Google Analytics to provide you an executive view of how your social media performance and investments are directly impacting your company’s overall marketing and business objectives. Now you have another way to justify your social media budget to management or clients. 

The Takeaway 

Socialbakers Performance Optimization solution will revolutionize the value you’re getting from social. You’ll gain access to real-time insights and actionable recommendations at your finger-tips. This in-depth analysis will enable you to make well-informed decisions, so that you can put money where it will supercharge your content, and you don’t break the bank doing it. 

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

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