The Top 4 Content Promotion Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Post promotion is a daily reality on Facebook for brands - the trick is to do it right. And if your content promotion strategy is all wrong, it could be costing you more than just wasted budget.

The Top 4 Content Promotion Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Social buzz is often the result of a well-executed owned and paid media strategy. There’s nothing more disappointing than when a content team creates some great content, and then it doesn’t get the reaction they’re hoping for because not enough people saw it.

However, brands are still making mistakes when it comes to content promotion, and it’s costing them. After years of analyzing the ways brands spend money on social media marketing, we’ve identified the four main ways brands are losing money while promoting their content:

Problem #1 means you’re spending a lot of money hiring talented creative professionals, but you’re not getting nearly enough out of their work. According to Socialbakers data, promoting content is no longer an option, it has become the daily reality in the News Feed – in today’s social media environment where 80% of brands are promoting an average of 20% of their content on Facebook, you simply can’t do without content promotion. You just have to do it right.

Problems #2, #3, and #4 are where it’s easier to spot the wasted budget. Like a car stuck in low gear, marketing teams that promote poorly-performing posts on Facebook are throwing money at a problem that more money won’t solve. And it’s scary how costly it is!

The key to fixing that money drain is to make organic content better, post it at the right time, and then promote only the best-performing posts.

Predictive analytics make that last part a cinch. By intuitively grading your new posts (from A to D) based on their organic performance and how they should behave in the future, it allows you to maximize your promotion budget by focusing on putting more budget behind the pieces of content which show the most potential. While this should not stop you from promoting a strategically important B or C post, it’s still important to know the kind of performance you can expect to see each time you invest in posts.

By promoting too many B, C, and D quality posts, many brands spend money that doesn’t go far enough. An A+ post would be your best in the last 6 months, an A post would be in the top 10%, a B post would be in the top 25%, and a C post would be better than 50% of your recent posts.

See how predictive analytics is changing social marketing

Thanks to 7+ years of monitoring social media pages and posts, we’ve collected enough content data to power a machine learning algorithm that extends the boundaries of social media marketing. Our predictive analytics takes the guesswork out of post promotion. It puts you in the driver’s seat to make sure you’re able to promote only the most cost-effective content. Have the answers before you spend money, and watch how much further your marketing budget can take you.

In this preview of our predictive analytics technology, a post has about 10,000 interactions 5 hours after being published, and should reach anywhere from 12,500-20,000 free organic interactions after another 10 hours. Right after that peak is the ideal time to promote this A-grade post, extending its life to a new audience for the perfect value.

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